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Dear colleagues at the International Council of the World Social Forum

Greetings from Palestine ,

We, at the Palestinian Social Forum, would like to wish you our best regards and high appreciation for  your wonderful efforts in this conference. Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network (PNGO) , a member of the International Council of the World Forum, is representative of the Palestinian Social Forum, its activities and International Liaison.

Thus, we would like you to register a central activity on behalf of the Palestinian Social Forum and present you our activity proposal that will be as follows: 

Topic Title: Colonial regime and Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine

First Session:    A diagnosis of the Palestinian Reality:

Speaker #1                   Background on Jerusalem

Moderator #1                Refugees Control over West Bank Gaza Strip

Second Session:         The Palestinian question and its regional dimension.

Speaker #2                  

Moderators #2

Third Session:             The Palestinian Question and its International Dimension.

#1 Speaker

#3 Moderator

Fourth Seccion:           Recommendations / Moderator


We would also like to emphasize that in order to ensure a good Palestinian representation in this forum, and kindly request sponsoring 6 tickets, 4 of which are available to facilitators , who will prepare working papers for speakers, according to their specialities and proposed topic  and two additional tickets for logistical and organizational arrangements. Moreover, this central activity will ensure us an effective Palestinian participation in this crucial global forum.

With all do respect and appreciation,


Executive Director 

Palestinian NGO"s Network (PNGO)