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The plan : part A "WSF asset/accrual and co-responsibility - part B Dialogue GF / IC - B1 Axes - B2b Methodology of initiatives -B2c AML / WSA initiative - B3 programming - partC Strength of covenant around charter of princilpes

The 15 solicitations  : Prop1 WSF accrual/accumulate - Sug2 use of axes - Inv345 consensus on methodology of initiatives - Inv6 comment on input4 IC salvador17 - Sug7 creating initiative group AML/WSA in wsf2018 website - Dem8 corrective about conusltation on struggles - Prop9 discipline about IC meeting agenda - Dem10 "preliminary" mention in programming - Inv11 12 13 evaluation of programing proposals - Sug14 - morning or evening assemblies -Sug15 skype room dialogue GF / IC


Input5 ICSalvador17 : Taking care of WSF 2018,  as IC - Some solicitations

http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/salvador17-input5-en  (see set of inputs in relation with salvador 17 ic meeting)

The purpose of this text, written, from the perspective of Caritas, 2 months from the Salvador IC and 3 months before the WSF2018 event, is to identify our short-term tasks as IC member entities, in IC role of care group for the WSF event process  co responsible for wsf2018 methodology with Facilitaiton Group in Brasil, and identify solicitations to fulfill them.

  • part A about how we care, as IC, about the "WSF accrual/accumulate" and how we decided A WSF asset and co-responsibility 
  • part B, the progress of the corresponsibility discussions, in the Salvador meeting, and to date, and what remains to be done, in 3 points:B dialogue GF / IC 


In the  document, in yellow, 15 requests /solicitations 7 INVITATIONS, 4 SUGGESTIONS, 2 DEMANDS, 2 PROPOSALS

The 15 solicitations  : Prop1 WSF accrual/accumulate - Sug2 use of axes - Inv345 consensus on methodology of initiatives - Inv6 comment on input4 IC salvador17 - Sug7 creating initiative group AML/WSA in wsf2018 website - Dem8 corrective about conusltation on struggles - Prop9 discipline about IC meeting agenda - Dem10 "preliminary" mention in programming - Inv11 12 13 evaluation of programing proposals - Sug14 - morning or evening assemblies -Sug15 skype room dialogue GF / IC

If you find relevant some of the solicitations proposed in this  "input5 in relation to IC Salvador17" http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/salvador17-input5-en  

  you can answer them in two ways  

  • messages in IC lists , dialogue space for the IC 
  • Messages in 3 groups of online chat (whatsapp), to comment / exchange about / about the present text in an interactive way 


To create a crear  a text  document in your computer  from the content of  this web page http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/salvador17-input5-en  1 / open a empty text  document  in your computer 2 / select  the content of the web page then copy paste it in the empty text document and save



since its institution in 2001 in Sao Paulo,17 years ago, The IC takes care of the process of the WSF events . The practice that has been established over the course of 17 years can be described as

1 / The IC decides where and when the next WSF event will be, evaluating the proposals to organize such an event when they exist and the international context . (note A 1 on the decision for WSF2018)

2 / The IC is the guarantor of the "methodological accumulate/asset/accrual of the WSF events process" (designated as "WSF asset/accumualte/accrual" in this text) and takes care of the consistency of the event methodology with this "WSF asset/accmulate/accrual"  which includes, in particular, the definition of themes, the macro-programming of the event, and the methodology to stimulate articulations, alliances and convergences.

4 / This "WSF accumulate/asset/accrual" is composed of the decisions and practices that have been defined and implemented in several editions, evaluated positively and not questioned since then. From the moment a methodological element is in the WSF accrual/accumulate/asset, it becomes part of the methodology of the events that have the status of "WSF event", and it is assumed that the GF takes this accumulation into account. (see B3 part in particular)


@ 1 PROPOSAL Here is a proposal for a description of the "WSF accrual/accumulate/asset" - perhaps a work group could be made in the next IC to formalize this. Comments welcome

 NOTE see a look into the guiding principles for organizing a wsf event of 2008  approved by IC , and 2011 draft which is part of this accmulate/asset

It is in the WSF accrual/accumulate/asset: 

  • -a definition of thematic axes that may or may not be used to structure physically the forum space - world social territory
  • -An opening march on the first day
  • -4 (up to Dakar) and then 3 (up to Montreal) days of self-managed activities, (the practice is 100% of self-managed activities since Tunis 2013),
  • - Equal treatment of all activities in the horizontal WSF space if priorities or hierarchies, differentiating from Belém 2009 activities and "assemblies of convergences", equally self-managed that usually have reserved "rounds" of programation (one round in Belém on the last day, then 3 rounds in Tunisia and Montreal)
  • -an IC meeting starting the day after the forum ends.
  • the principles that all acts of participants in the space are voluntary, (such as the merging of two activities), that horizontality and diversity imply to be able to choose between several self-organized activities, that the commitment in declarations and actions are in principle explicit, that the use of articulation facilitation mechanism  is optional,

It is not for now in the WSF accrual/accmulate/asset

  • A specific methodology for stimulating articulations/alliances/ convergences
  • The format of the "final moment". It is "under construction" from Monastir 2012 where the assembly of assemblies format defined pragmatically in belem2009 was criticized. A format that is considered consensually satisfactory is sought since then ( see note A2)

5 / The decisions of the IC on the process of WSF events, on points such as place and "event methodology", are taken by consensus, or consent of representatives of member entities, present at face to face  meetings, announced and with sufficient presence, after "discussion moments" focused on the point. They can also be taken online by consent in cases where there is a sufficiently clear context and documented by previous face-to-face discussions.

6 / The IC is "co-responsible" for the "event methodology" with the facilitating groups (GF) of successive events. These GFs take into account the "FSM accumulate/accrual" defined by the IC in the facilitation of "their" event. According to the case, the GF of an event makes presentations in IC meetings before the event, about this methodology; or co-elaborates with the IC in this meeting, the IC assesses, and the GF takes the recommendations into account.

In case of points perceived as sensitive, a working group can be made (for example WG on axes definition for WSF 2016 after the GF presentation in IC Porto Alegre 2016) The case of divergence, of confirmed decisions of GF, considered incoherent in the IC with the WSF/accrual/ accumulate/asset has not been encountered to date. But to avoid it in the case of  WSF2018 programming ( see point B3.2 ) we need to be proactive in the IC / GF communication

Note 1 / how was it decided that FS SALVADOR IS A WORLD SOCIAL FORUM? YES. The WSF in Salvador is the 13th WSF event (2001 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 11 13 15 16 18)

How was the decision made? : was taken by consent online, after an animated face-to-face discussion and a conditional intermediate consensus in Porto Alegre (see link) then the facilitator committee has declared online that the conditions were met and some IC members approved and others stayed dumbed down. In this context it can be said that there was consent. http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-extended/ci-portoalegre-201701-notas-21tarde formulation of consensu  http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-extended/ci-portoalegre-201701-notas-21tarde/#181 
After this discussion, there has been an input from Chico on the fact of ending this practice of giving a particular event the WSF event statute (see link), the discussion may be restarted after Salvador http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/whichwsfevent-discussion-home

What does the decision imply? : - that the IC is co-responsible with the GF of the "WSF2018 methodology" (axes, stimulation methodology for articulation, alliances, convergences, general programming of the forum space), and that elements of coherence or innovation of this methodology should be discussed proactively) With the "WSF accumulate/accrual/asset" 

Note 2 - the "Assembly of Assemblies" was tested in Belém and Dakar, which was not evaluated well Monastir IC 2012) and since then the format of the "final moment" is "in works" and its format is not part of the WSF accumulate/asset/accrual. It was discussed in Tunis but it was almost not implemented that facilitators of assemblies came on Bourguiba Avenue, and a first hybrid trial of  agora of initiatives was held in Montreal, largely maintaining a format of "assemblies of assemblies"



This part describes the progress of the co-responsibility discussions at the Salvador meeting and to date, and makes a series of proposals

B1 / The axes themes 

In and from salvador There has been a IC / GF discussion moment in Salvador on the 15th; then a discussion in the GF that ended on December 7

In the IC list : the GF has communicated a list of themes in the IC list, receiving some suggestions. And this way there is progress towards a consensus

@ 2 SUGGESTION: It would be good for the GF to comment on the use of these axes/themes on the website, and in the programming of the global social territory in Salvador


b2a / general discussion

In Salvador There has been a moment of discussion IC / GF in Salvador on 15th october on convergence methodologies, which hosted a presentation of the WSF methodology proposal of initiatives with the final moment of Ágora, by iC member Caritas, and the description of a self-organized process of permanent assembly of struggles by IC member Alternatives. The discussion questioned the exclusive use of the term "convergence" and reaffirmed the interest to also use the word alliance

The discussion is visible here (video 4 http://openfsm.net/projects/brasil-e-fsm/act400-brasilefsm-reuniao-ci-salvador2017-videos and is in the process of being transcribed http://openfsm.net/projects / ic-extended / icextension-salvador17-15oct-afternoon-methodology-workgroup-discussion



B2b / methodology of initiatives and final moment :AGORA OF FUTURES 

2B1 / In Salvador "There has been a moment of discussion on the IC agenda with the theme of " question for a dialogue - how to integrate in the WSF methodology the actions of participants for the transformation in society and under what form should the final moment of the WSF event be?  "

After a round of exchanges discussion, with some postive assessments, a working group was created to formulate the proposal (the video of the discussion is here video 13http://openfsm.net/projects/brasil-e-fsm/act400-brasilefsm-reuniao-ci-salvador2017-videos with transcription almost verbatim )http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-extended/icextension-salvador17-16oct-evening-methodology-discussion-en/#parte1

2B2 / since Salvador meeting :

The working group "initiatives and agora" has formulated and sent the description of the methodology of initiatives on November 18 with its different elements (website / kiosk / agora / calendar / GCC care group.) There have been no negative comments. and neither positive comments.


In Salvador and GF, however, the idea of ​​the agora has been appreciated, the relevance of visibility on the website and the permanent operation of the Kiosk has appeared. The GF has proposed a name change and included the  "Agora of futures" as the final WSF moment in its preliminary programming proposal. 8nov (see parte B3)

The GCC group with people from three organizations from GF and 2 from IC to date, in dialogue with GT methodology is active in Salvador in the preparation, visibility of the initiatives on the website, search of local, detailed definition, search of volunteers

2B3 / Next steps

IC Discussion  towards Online Consensus Proposal -

PROPOSAL OF synthesis of formulation check the image  below  a  proposal1 of synthesis, effect of dialogue in the WG GF methodology, showing how 7 forms of participation considered in fsm2018, can be  combined to stimulate the horizontal self-articulation of a diversity of groups of entities for initiatives which are sets of actions with specific purpose. This image has been sent in the GF and is here in versions EN ES FR PT (also available on the web) http://openfsm.net/projects/transitionci/transicionci-iniciativas-e-agora-fsm2018-7-elementos- de-metodologia-com-innovacoes /#EN


@ 3 INVITATION to IC member entities to Comment on this proposal image of synthesis (above)

@ 4 CONSENSUS PROPOSAL "The IC proposes to the GF to implement in WSF2018 the methodology finalized by the working group" initiatives and agora "on November 18th, with the GCC group acting as a mixed operative IC / GF working group  in coordination with the  methodology WG.

A provisional evaluation of the WSF2018 realization of this methodology will be scheduled in the IC of March, and one in the subsequent CI, since the methodology includes 6 months of updating the calendar in the wsf2018.org site after the event

@ 4 INVITATION to IC member entities : express their opinion regarding this consensus formulation

Next Stages of interlocution between GCC team, GT Methodology GF.

@ 5 INVITATION to IC member entities The IC members interested in contributing to the imlementation  of this methodology that aims to innovate in the WSF2018 in full coherence with the charter of principles are welcome to show it by en entering the GCC whatsapp group here https://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/AYMQMBLaoz30q00uboqkZ4  invitation made in ic list november 18th http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/salvador17-input1.4 



B2C / permanent world STRUGGLES assembly process :  initiative AML / WSA

2C1 / In Salvador There was a moment of discussion on the 16th at night after the discussion on "methodology of initiatives". This discussion has allowed clarifications on the part of the representatives of some of the IC member entities that are going to launch this autonomous process (Alternatives network in particular) on the political-methodological significance of this initiative in relation to the WSF accrual/asset/accmulate and the charter of principles.

They confirmed that this initiatives aims at renewing and expanding the stalled process of the "assembly of social movements", focusing more on struggles and permanence to build an autonomous process, situated within the general WSF process the impulsers of which actively use social forums events of all kinds to organize some of their activities, which of course are self-organized activities in these events

The discussion stopped due to lack of time. (the video of the discussion is here video 13 í video 13 http://openfsm.net/projects/brasil-e-fsm/act400-brasilefsm-reuniao-ci-salvador2017-videos with the transcript quasi verbatim) http: // openfsm.net/projects/ic-extended/icextension-salvador17-16oct-evening-methodology-discussion-en/#parte2

2C2 / from Salvador so far - comments solicitations from Caritas

  • A/ INPUT4 ICSalvador17  / 

http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/salvador17-input4/#EN . This input4 among inputs around IC salvador17 can be read as a "input 36bis" continuing  the 13 input discussion (input 24 to 36)  on  AML / WSA initiative; that was stopped for lack of time. This input4  aims at clarifying  some points that looked implicit or confused by the existence of an "IC working group" on this initiative that is not "by  IC"@ 6 INVITATION to IC member entities to comment on this input4

    • There is no consensus in the IC to change the current mandate of the working group created in Montreal that is "reflect on this AML/WSA idea"
    • There is no consensus in the IC  to consider that there is an organic  link betwen  the IC and  this AML/WSA  initiative, a link that is furthermore not explicitly claimed by the promoters of the initiative in the presentation document discussed at this meeting http://openfsm.net/projects/transitionci / transicionci-aml-input-salvador
  • C/ Among consequences of this fact in the IC are the following 1 2 3 

1 / This AML/WSA initiative is self-organized and it would be good to formalize who are the first impulsers/promoters and the list can grow The main impulsers appear to be  so far Alternatives Network, Attac, Abong).


Create from now on the  wsf2018 website a "group" AML / WSA INITIATIVE to make visible this initiative using the main items of the initiative form (WHAT FOR WHY WHO / WHEN / WHERE (3 stages) HOW ( i-e the consensus process AML / WSA described during the discussion)

2 / We can distinguish the driving group of the AML/WSA  self organized initiative and the IC working group created in Montreal to reflect on AML/WSA not to implement it in the name of the IC. In this perspective, a Caritas representative in the IC intends from now on participate in the working group, which is open to all IC members (see some input ideas that will be done in the group). http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/salvador17-input4/#EN7

This leads to an idea to be discussed in the next IC, to generalize the case, and to define by consensus some IC reflection groups on some initiatives, as plural spaces for the exchange of ideas on how these initiatives are and can be contributing elements  to the dynamics of the WSF process (see some ideas here). ). http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/salvador17-input4/#EN2

3 / In the concrete actions to launch the AML / WSA initiative before and during the WSF 2018

      • a/ the communication about the fact that this initiative is not organically linked to the IC must be clear The driving entities can evidently mention their quality of IC members in the invitation to fill the consultation. However it is not the same as saying that IC is inviting  momvements  to answer  this query

@ 8 DEMAND: 

See the correction suggested in the document launching the consultation about struggles http://openfsm.net/projects/transitionci/transicionci-aml-input-consultation-dec17

      • b/ The activities that this group of organizations will decide on wsf2018, including a moment to launch the process of this permanent AML/WSA assembly, are self-managed, and are treated as such in the WSF2018 programming. (See next point B3.2B-2)


B3 / general programming of the WSF2018 event 

B3.1 / What happened in Salvador ic?

It is important to realize what has NOT happened in Salvador IC meeting.

1 / The presentation on WSF2018 programming was extremely short (1mn 30s) and it was announced immediately that the DISCUSSION WAS NOT OPENED. It was mentioned that the discussion was going to take place on the 18th, which was no longer the IC, and eventually it was not the case (see video 7).http://openfsm.net/projects/brasil-e-fsm/act400-brasilefsm-reuniao-ci-salvador2017-videos

2 / Prior to this announcement, on the 15th, prior to the time for  presentation of the general WS2018 programming, a group of persons from women's organizations had expressed themselves to ask for an "exclusive" women's assembly in this WSF, (i-e without activities held in parallel at this same moment),without this claim being placed in discussion at any moment in this day

3 / A discussion on  general wsf2018 programming on the 16th october would have allowed several IC member entities to :

  • Put on the table- the incompatibility of the programming presented by the GF with the WSF asset/ accumulate , when announcing a single assembly of movements on the afternoon of the 16th while  WSF space is open, diverse and horizontal
  • Explain to the entities that had requested an exclusive assembly of women that the very principle of such a demand to "stop" the forum on a single issue, whatever it is, is in contradiction with the WSF accumulate/asset, according to which WSF space is open, diverse and horizontal 

In conclusion: THERE HAS NOT BEEN A MOMENT OF DISCUSSION FACE TO FACE OF THIS IC ON THE GENERAL PROGRAMMING WSF2018  where i would have been possible todescribe the WSFaccumulate/asset/accrual. It is a pity that there have been no IC member entity intervention to avoid this skip of discussion at the time, it is relevant to pay special attention to this point in the online discussion  now, without being able to have a discussion base face to face before the event , adn guiding ourselves by the WSF accumulate/asset 


That in the future, each point mentioned in an IC agenda is systematically the object of a discussion round, at least to know if there is agreement not to treat it

3.2 what happened from Salvador IC :

B3.2a / 8nov meeting GF and preliminary programming communication

The GF has made a meeting the 8nov of which there is a report/memory announcing a general program without  this proposal being presented as a final proposal. It has not been sent to the IC list. There is an upcoming GF for January 10 that is probably going to adress the issue.


HOWEVER this preliminary programming is announced since november 22nd on the website https://wsf2018.org/fsm-apresenta-programacao-de-atividades/ without mentioning that it is preliminary and is being disseminated in Brazil, creating uncertain expectations depending on the result of the discussion between IC and GF.

@ 10 DEMAND  
It would be necessary to specify on this wsf2018.org page that it is a preliminary proposal of the GF before communication with the CI, this would avoid the need to make corrective communication

B3.2b / The 8nov programming proposal that circulates involves two problematic elements

1 / it Mentions that the WSF closes on the 17th at noon and that the IC meeting begins on the 17th in the afternoon. 
The dates in the IC have not been discussed, and no argument is given to explain such a proposal that reduces the duration of the forum.

The duration of a WSF event was 6 days until Dakar, 4 days and a half in Tunisia for the march for the Palestinian, 5 days in Montreal (with a session of the IC beginning at 7pm just after the end of the agora of initiatives). why go down to 4 days and a half when all the logistics allow 5 days.

Trimming half a day or 10% of tota  event time the "WSF participation path" of the thousands of people who come with great effort to Salvador seems strange. And somehow  respectful of the participants.  http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/salvador17-input4/#EN5

The WSF accumulate/asset/accrual is that the IC starts the next day. If the IC wants to do initial night session on the 17th as of 7pm as in Montreal why not, but starting earlier seems lack of consideration to the WSF event -

The proximity to FAMA does not seem to justify cutting the WSF event. FAMA has a space of 7 days for its programming, since it lasts until March 22. Comparing with a WSF of 4 and a half days

2 / it Mentions that in  the whole  day 16th of march there are only two activities a women's assembly (see previous point and an assembly of movements of struggles (AML / WSA initiative see previous point B2c), prepared by a " reporting" meeting at 11 o'clock that should also be self-organized 

Both assemblies considered self-organized since the GF reaffirms in this document of November 8 that all activities are self-organized, and by the previous point. The fact of reserving one day to two self-organized activities is in complete inchoherence with the WSF accumulate/asset/accrual

Also naming "convergences" and not "assemblies of convergences" the assemblies of 14 and 15 calls for clarification. It should be clarified that these two turnos are for self-organized convergence assemblies and not for  meetings feeding  the AML WSA initiative

B3.3 stimulate the IC/GF dialogue:

A dialogue with the IC has not yet  been opened by the GF, as has been done with the axes, and the methodology of initiatives

The justification would be that the GF has not ended its reflection. However, as we can see a clear inconsistency with the WSF asset /accumulate, for the first time in the WSF events , we can enter into a proactive communication with GF

Caritas action in this dialogue

The Caritas network that is both in IC and GF, has made known its vision of programming since before the meeting of Salvador, making inpus, responding to the consultation made by GF about which  no feedback was received http://openfsm.net/projects/ caritas-fsm-wsf / caritasfsm-propostas-metodologica-consult-fsm2018-1pagina

Caritas has made known by email to GF  proposals to improve this preliminary GF programming, since the  memory GF 8 nov was circulated by 20th november

Those proposals where gathered in a synthetic image on November 30. Here is  below this image in a new version and 4 languages ​​EN ES FR PT.http://openfsm.net/projects/transitionci/transicionci-iniciativas-e-agora-insumo1-sobre-propuestacfb-8nov-sintese/#EN

The image  shows 5 principles and 7 improvement proposal. P1 to P7 to move from programming A (November 8 GF) to a programming B in full coherence with the WSF accumulate,

Transition from A to B  increases 6 to 10  the "rounds/shitfs" of programming where participants can choose between several options while maintaining diversity, and increasing the number of interactive situations for all participants, thanks to the parallelism, a parallelism that organizations can handle with coordination of their delegates in parallel conversations,  which is  practice in the WSF accmulate/asset http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/salvador17-input4/#EN6



B3.4 Next steps - proactively start the IC/ GF dialogue

The IC member entities are invited to have a role in the care of the process and to comment on the preliminary GF programming proposal that has not been presented so far for discussion in the IC and that already circulates among participants and is on the website without contextualization

@ 11 INVITATION To IC member entities : to express themselves about and vision of the general programming November 8 (part A  image above) and its coherence with the WSF accumulate/accrual/asset,

@ 12 INVITATION To IC member entities give their opinion in the 7 programming proposal B (see  image above )

@ 13 INVITATION to the GF to comment on its currentWSF programming proposal (8nov) in relation to the "WSF accumulate/asset/accrual". This includes clarifying that the "convergences" mentioned in the programming are self organized " convergence assemblies"  
that the GF consult in January the proponents of convergence assemblies to know if they prefer the morning or the evening for the "rounds" of assemblies

that the GF creates a Skype meeting room and invites interested IC  entities to come to dialogue with GF to avoid parallel operations on points where there has been no collective dialogue in Salvador meeting and to clarify the next stages of how the discussion in GF will take in account the discussion in the IC

Some concrete considerations for this discussion online, by email and possibly by Skype

1 / The WSF asset/accumulate  is clearly implying a self-managed day 16th march like the others 14th and 15th  and an IC start on the 18th or maybe on the night of the 17th without impacting the schedule of the WSF event

2 / Legitimately breaking with the WSF accumulate:asset or accepting that an exception be made for this WSF2018 would need a decision by consensus of the IC, which is very unlikely

3 / This GF Salvador has been very persistent during the first 6 months of 2017 for this march 2018 event to become a WSF event, and it would be consistent thus to take into account with particular care the WSF accumulate.  Innovating in WSF is not  necesarily going away from the  accmulate it can be attempting to deepen and complete it, as is proposed with the methodology of initiatives ( see part B2b)

4 / There is a hurry to start the discussion  on programming that did not start in Salvador face to face, but there is no hurry to end it. It is possible to find  practical ways to combine expectations of visibility from some actors (women and promoters of the AML / WSA initiative) and the WSF accumulate/asset - The GF will have another discussion opportunity on January 10 and does not need to decide on this date, and could be listening messages coming from the IC, as the present  input5

5 / On the website wsf2018.org, entities can choose as desired date for their self-managed activity all 15"rounds" of programing from March 13 to 17, three per day, all are open. It is later, at the time of the concrete programming, that the general programming decisions are going to be applied. When an IC / GF consensus has been found, the GF can give indications to the organizers of activities to take into account the general programming defined.

6 / There is a way to find, in a facilitated IC/GF dialogue with organizations of women members of the IC that have knowledge of the WSF accumulae/asset, options to give visibility to the problems of women's struggles without breaking with the WSF accumulate of three days diverse and  horizontal days 14 15 16 march . "Stopping the forum" with a "vertical" decision does not seem to be a goal consistent with "participating in the forum." There are other  ways : For example, women's organizations can be entrusted with the organization of an "opening assembly" that would be a great positive opportunity to make the participants reflect, arriving at the event on the 13th after the march, about the problems raised by the women, perhaps mixing intervention of prominent wme speakers and large-scale moments with participatory formats  such as "world café - ( see proposal 1 in the picture synthesis programming attached ) "P1- entrust women with an opening assembly") This opening assembly would come in complement to self organized activities and self organized convergence assembly that women's organizations would place in the programming. It is also possible to propose a"round"  of self-managed  activities with a  thematic invitation to focus on gender issues. Discussion in an "ad hoc group" on this issue can lead to other ideas.

7 / Promoters of the  self organized permanent world struggle assembly are aware that the quality of participation to "their" self-managed launch assembly of the AML / WSA process is a matter of self-organized mobilization and not of a bureaucratic decision  expecting people to come in numbers because there is nothing else in the program. Within the framework of proposal 3,visible in the image synthesis program above, "encourage conversation among proposers of assemblies" It is possible to identify assembly promoters that would be ready to be parallel with this assembly AML / WSAhttp://openfsm.net/projects/transitionci/transicionci-iniciativas-e-agora-insumo1-sobre-propuestacfb-8nov-sintese/#EN 

8 / In general , parallelism is both a necessity and condition  for  WSF open space, diverse and horizontal , and collective entities, whose goal is to articulate in diverse alliances for joint actions in the forum, know how to handle the parallelism with  their delegates in parallel activities, those wthose delegates being  able nowadays to coordinate their action  live on social networks.

it can be argued that the more there would be initiatives focused and concrete and aware of the others, and in certain cases explicitly articulated, the more powerful and resilient would be a "strategy of the diversity of struggles of resistance and promotion of alternative projects" for another possible world. These initiatives in wsf2018 will be able to present discover and artciulate themslves in the Kiosk of Iniciatives and the agora of futures.



/ About strength of charter of principles as WSF political-methodological covenant

Where is the discussion? : There is no formal discussion on this topic in the IC. An IC member entity is proposing a radical change and has made an input. http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/salvador17-input2 No other  IC member entity has spoken in favor of this in the recent discussions. At the meeting of the 16th october evening  several organizations active in the AML/WSA initiative have confirmed that they do not want to change the Charter. An input 3 comes in counterpoint to this input 2 http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/salvador17-input3

It is to be noted that existence of input2  generates some local misinformation conveyed by web pages like this