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Dear All,

Would it make sense to consider organising some of the meeting of the International Council of the WSF online? Under the current circumstances, it might result in a more inclusive (and environmentally sound) approach than trying to fly people in from different corners of the earth. 

Also, the proposal for a global WSF event in Mexico in 2020 sounds fascinating. I do not know enough to have a strong opinion on it, but would very much want to hear more. Perhaps a well-organised online meeting could offer a good space for discussing that possibility. 

If it is to be done, we might want to get some help and devote some resources to creating mechanisms that make inline meetings as workable as possible. Compared to the costs of flying people in from distant places, the costs would in any case be low. 

I know some of the meetings have combined online and presential forms, so we have already started this process in some sense. It would be good to reflect on what has worked in these experiments and what could be improved.  

Love and peace from Helsinki,

Teivo (Network Institute for Global Democratization, NIGD)

Dear all, 

I’m available for a skype conversation if it would be in a comfortable time window (weekends excluded).


With Teivo's suggestion to have an online conference of the IC, I have my problems. In my experience, this cannot replace personal discussion. In my opinion, a decision about a WSF 2010 in Mexico City with all its implications is too complex to be taken in this way. In addition, not all IC members have the excellent technical requirements that are necessary for this.  Also many IC members participate in the thematic WSF on migration, so they are already in Mexico.


Best regards




Thanks Hugo for the comments. Just to clarify: my proposal to consider online format for IC meetings was not necessarily specific to the proposed meeting in Mexico, especially if many people are going there anyway. It was more of a call for reflecting on how we could use communication tools more effectively. 

I am aware that online meetings have all kinds of problems. It is certainly the case that not everyone has the perfect technology or expertise. I am also not an expert on that kind of technology. The thing is, that organising software and logistical support for on online meeting, at least every now and then, would probably cost much less than finding money for the same people to physically travel to the meeting. 

No solution is perfect, for sure, but combining different formats, presential and online, might make sense. 




Dear friends,

I think, we should prevent the Mexico IC meeting from being downgraded to an informal meeting and online meeting, which is  chaotic anyway with a participation of over 10 people. This may not become the decision-making level. It would also be impolite towards our Mexican friends.


Best regards




I agree with the proposal to organize IC meeting on line...it makes sense

warm regards 



Dear Teivo and colleagues, Although nothing can replace physical meeting, personal exchange and discussion, under the circumstances we could try to use some additional tools of communication. So, I agree, and any time is fine for me (unless I'm in a plane :-); let's also not forget that weekend means different days in different countries. I suggest we try to use Webex or Zoom - there are some costs and requirements only for the host (so we need only one organisation to take over the burden) and for others it would be free, simply to use and far better quality than skype. Best regards, Katarina International Council for Adult Education


Dawn agree with both meetings
Tambien estamos de acuerdo en que se realice una reunion presencial con las y los que puedan llegar a Mexico.

Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN)

 Dear colleagues

Since Gilio from Canada left Development and peace Canada CIDSE does not have a proper representative in the IC. We would be open to participate in online meetings but cannot assure for the moment that we could be present in Mexico. Nevertheless Pierre from Caritas would bring in our perspective.


Best wishes



Dear comrades,

 PIWA is available to participate to the e-meeting.



Dear all,
I fully support Teivo's proposal and Habitat International Coalition'd join the e-meeting. HIC has a Zoom account which can host 100 users, record the call and save the chat; we have been using it with HIC Members that don't have good internet connection and it worked fine (without video).
Please do let me check other technical issues; if the call is viable using zoom, the IC can use HIC's Zoom account.

Best, Alvaro


Dear friends and comrades,
would you please listen to a lonely voice from the (former?) Second World, ie. Eastern Europe? We are still pending between the "rich North and poor South" and it is really difficult for us to pay for intercontinental flights from our own pockets. Moreover, we are aware of the urgent necessity to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases to zero.
Leo Gabriel is right but Teivo does neither suggest to delete the next IC meeting in Mexico nor to replace all IC meetings with e-chats. Still I consider it wise to enable on-line presence at a time slot during the meeting and to plan some meetings, say once a year, as fully on-line.
We would keep the opportunity to meet face to face once a year and with on-line meetings we would save emissions, time and money for more urgent purposes.
I apologize myself from my personal presence at the next meeting in Mexico, I will do my best to take part in any on-line chat.
Greetings from Prague,

Prague Spring 2 - network against right-wing extremism and populism