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Presented by Chico Whitaker after the IC meeting

Individuals and / or organizations who sign this proposal or not participants of the meeting of the WSF International Council conducted in Hammamet, Tunisia, from 30 October to 2 November 2014, invite each other to a meeting in Tunis right after WSF 2015, to organize a global meeting of all interested parties to respond to the following question:

-           against the growing power of the globalized capitalist system in its war against humans, life in the planet and democracy, what should we do to strengthen our struggle against the system and make it more effective, to the construction of the another world possible?

Individuals and / or organizations who sign this proposal can:

- Sign, by streaming the widest possible;

- Participate in the meeting at the end of the WSF 2015 to which we invite each other;

- Participate and / or contribute to the preparation and / or the organization of the proposed global meeting;

At the meeting taking place after the WSF 2015, subject of this invitation, we will discuss at least:

- When will take place the proposed global meeting;

- Where it will be realized;

- How it should be organized;

- How to be the world meeting of the Facilitation Committee;

- What are the stages of preparation of the meeting;

- How will be called the new initiative;

- Writing what give the general invitation to the world meeting;

- How to expand the maximum participation in the world meeting and organization.

The signatories of this proposal attending the International Technical Seminar preparation of the WSF 2015, to be held in Tunis in February 2015, will have the opportunity to take this opportunity to prepare and organize the meeting in more detail after the WSF 2015 subject of this invitation.  (  >>  http://registration.fsm2015.org/view_activity/1440)

Individuals and / or organizations to respond to this invitation should send their answers to two temporary locations: raffaella and hamouda

All signatories of this proposal are invited to exchange, through internet list will be created from the first responses to this invitation, their proposals for the improvement and success of the meeting at the end of the WSF 2015 subject of this invitation and the proposed global meeting.

The signatories of this proposal that participate in the WSF process and believe it can strengthen our struggles, consider that the proposed global meeting will advance in the review of the role and size of the event WSF in the process WSF, to make it more suitable á reality of the world and that of our social movements 15 years after the first WSF in Porto Alegre achieved in January 2001.

Hammamet, Tunisia, November 2, 2014.