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Préparation of World Social  Forum 2013 in Tunisia see wsf calendar
Tunis  april 14 17 2012


During this Assembly  there will be different event  including:

  • 1) a visit of a flotilla of boats in solidarity with irregular migrants lost at sea and the Mediterranean, and to demand freedom of movement and respect for migrants' rights

  • 2) an international movement of indignation encounter, to reaffirm the denial of people around the world pay the price of the financial and economic crisis and their rejection of the hegemonic financial power.
  • 3) An Assembly of Social Movements of the Maghreb and Mashreq.
  • 4) a meeting of the Council of the African Social Forum.
  • 5) A meeting of the Council of the World Social Forum.

 Following the decision of the International Council of the World Social Forum to organize the next edition in 2013 in Tunisia, the Maghreb Monitoring Committee, the Steering Committee of the Tunisian Social Forum and the Forum for the Tunisian Economic and Social Rights held on 14 17th April , 2012  a series of preparatory activities in Tunisia.

The international guests stay began on April 14, for a solidarity visit to Redeyef during which they took knowledge of the challenges facing the people and workers in the region, and took the opportunity to raise awareness of issues next Forum in Tunisia and invite them to participate massively.

This visit was followed by a meeting on April 15, at the headquarters of the UGTT Ahmed Tlili room, which was attended by a hundred Tunisian organizations of civil society.

During the meeting the guests explained the reasons for organizing the next WSF in Tunisia in 2013, and expressed the willingness of global social movements to take advantage of the new impetus provided by the Tunisian revolution.

They considered that the values ​​of dignity and freedom expressed by the people of Tunisia and Arab peoples in general are an asset of humanity and is now a benchmark for all peoples of the world, and especially for those who suffer from exploitation, oppression and the effects of the crisis of global capitalism.

Three technical meetings were held April 16 at the headquarters of Raid Attac, the TANF and the National Council for Liberties in Tunisia which saw a massive participation of civil society organizations in Tunisia.

These meetings addressed issues related to the content of the next WSF in Tunisia, the communication strategy for the participation of global social movements, and the strategy for mobilizing financial resources for the success of the Forum.

These meetings will be followed by a crucial preparatory step to be held from 12 to 17 July in the city of Monastir as a Global Preparatory Meeting. (See left)

Following these meetings, formal meetings were held on April 17 and 16 with senior Tunisian, especially with the President of the Republic, Mr. Marzouki and Social Affairs Minister, Mr Khelil Ezzeouia.

The President and the Minister of Social Affairs have expressed an interest in Tunisia in organizing such an event in our country and promised to support the organizing committee for the success of the most important event global justice.