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Dear all,

Reviewing progress we have made so far, we are in a moment of decisions about how to continue.  . We currently have a set of inputs that may be used in the work forward.

I'm making a proposal suggesting names, not to take over alone, but to be the first reference for organizing the different tasks.

For the functioning/ operation of this working group:

-          There is a proposal to send the list to the IC and ask who would be interested to be part of this working group.

-          Other, that is also my suggestion, is to do this invitation, if we decide to do so, when our dynamic of work is established and the tasks are clearer. We need first a “frame” to organise our work.   People who want to join can do in the specific tasks or in the new ones that are created, but he frame allows us to have something more concrete. 

If we agree with this second proposal, I think we can begin ordering our work and try to address the two first points of the working plan: Lifting of the problem, and Review.    And send a letter to our list asking all in which tasks they can participate, or what they suggests, or what they think can be their  contribution to the objective of this working group. In this way, we can have a better idea of  ​​who we are at this stage of the work.

  1. Revision of the core documents. Write a document that does not obliterate the previous, but serves as synthesis and orientation, about the central dimensions of the “culture” of the WSF-IC 

- Giuseppe, Vinot


  1. Recollection of the guidelines (rather than rules, as suggested by Giuseppe), based on the review of what were the explicit and implicit guidelines whit the ones we have acted.  And, from there, see what works and what needs democratic changes.

- Helio ??


  1. To recover the critical views about the actual IC, and highlight the tensions that we have to look at. This is a task that is well underway; we discussed in Monastir, there is the document of Francine. There are other documents to look also, but we have to make the effort of recollecting them.  From this review, we need to leave a list of things that need to be change and / or what to keep. This part should be considered as the introduction to the work.

- Francine, Gina


  1. From this, we can begin to imagine how it could be the structure of the IC, its role to the WSF.  Sara and Rita have already submitted various proposals, Chico also, in this and previous papers. Some documents of the commissions are also worth reviewing. It amazes me to see how much we have reflected on the CI, the Forum, etc... along all these years.

    - Chico, Sara, Rita,


The last things: If someone wants to be in other task, we look for alternatives together; or if there are some other tasks to add?  I hope we can manage not to have language problems in the groups. Please the others of the working group see where you can support. We also should have some chats when we need to clarify or exchange or coordinate the work.
This task can be in 6-8 weeks??Besos