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Last note (short, 9 points) on the future of the CI

I had the opportunity to reflect with many of you, in Brazil, in Tunis and in France, maturing the contribution I made in December for the GT on the future of the IC and in three subsequent texts. I think then it could be useful to simplify this contribution and to improve it, incorporating different proposals that have emerged, and present one more reflection before the March 27 meeting in Tunis.

So, reconsidering my initial proposal:

1.       It would be better to separate completely the discussion on the future of the IC and the discussion on the possible creation of a "movement" (that could gather those of us wishing it, inspired in our experience, inside the WSF process, in building a new political culture and in the search of the so-called "new social movements", characterized by the horizontality in their organisation).

2.       As for the IC, considering what it seems to me to be the majority’s opinion, I confirm what I thought: it should be effectively dissolved, in its current constitution and functioning.

3.       It could be replaced by another type of IC, no longer formed by representatives of the WSF process participating organizations, but by "organizers" of World Social Forums. It would be an "International Council of Organizers of Forums": so, a lighter and more agile structure than the current IC, risking less to be emptied or to be bureaucratised, or to pretend to exercise power over the WSF process.

4.       This new Council would be formed basically by "organizers" – those wishing it – of the World Social Forums since 2001. But it would be also opened to current IC members having contributed in some way to the realisation of these Forums and other Continental or Regional Forums, as well as to "forums organizers" who are not currently IC members but want to contribute to the facilitation of World Forums.

5.       From now on it would be assigned to this new Council to decide on the countries's choice to realize World Social Forums, by consensus and based on the candidacies and proposals made by the civil society organizations of the different countries.

6.       The members of the Council could also create Working Groups with specific purposes, more continuous or temporary only, always opened to all those interested, to address issues such as:  the contacts and analysis necessary to prepare the choice of the country where to realise the following WSF; the expansion of the WSF process; the methodology of the Forums; the memory of its contents; the dissemination of this memory and of the results of the political action of the organizations participating of the process; the search for resources for its own functioning; the reflection on the changes in the world situation. That is, they would cover in a more agile way, as Working Groups, at least the current functions assigned today to the IC Commissions, but better defined. Other temporary Groups could also be created where specific needs would arise.

7.       This new Council could create its own website and rely on rotating Secretariats provided by its members organizations (for a determined period, such as two years, for example, covering one year before and one year after each FSM). These Secretariats could also ensure the maintenance of the General site of the WSF process.

8.       As for the WSF process, it would continue its way as far as a Commons based on the WSF Charter of Principles, and stimulated by the "International Council of Organizers of Forums".

9.       In what concerns the "new movement", this would be another discussion, to be launched independently by those who would consider it useful and timely.

I hope these notes can contribute to our reflections on the 27th march, in preparation of the IC meeting the 31th March and 1st April. I hope they can also clarify some misunderstandings created by my previous texts (excessively long...).

Meu abraço, Chico Whitaker, São Paulo, March 6th, 2013