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A moment of highlight on contribution 3

The  probably  complete chronological list of 18 inputs to date  to the icfuture discussion is here
In this list you see the input from Giuseppe  Sara Vinod  Pierre Jason Mireille  Mikael Amit Chico Oded Gina Francine Rita ( i may still forget some name..)

Here is a brief text focusing on  my contribution  Number 3  which might have been overlooked as it came in september at a moment where the debate was between very few people before Chico started "creating the Buzz" with dissolution of IC ( see his contribution 10)

This contribution 3 contains 

1/ (part 1) a chronicle of "how  IC got where it stands
.". ( it can be read as more or less convincing story )

2/ an elaboration on the notion of "facilitation"   
distinguishing  facilitation of events and facilitation of other invitiatives

A/  facilitation of events

( eg Tunis 2013, or free media forum , science and democracy forum etc)
this is the most well known part of wsf related facilitation 
B/ other process related  initiatives
this is a less visible part of wsf related facilitation
here are a few examples of such initaitives

example 1- stimulating social forum extension
( in the sense of  belem, dakar,  tunis extended)
example 2- providing/maintaining  an "openspace on line" where many initiatives  inside WSF can be coexisting and interacting ( there can be several such on line open spaces  of course)
example 3 -wsf2012 IC support working group started in Dhaka IC
This working group scope is about giving concrete turn to two ideas

- a/ the starting process of an "Agora of event organizers" (on line


This idea of OE space   (OE stands for "Organizers of Events" )  was discussed in methodology commission in the summer of 2011

It has a quite an  echo with recent contribution 17 by Chico  see paragraphs  3 and 4 and 6 of  http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/wsfic-icfuturecontribution-17

Some themes of exchange are proposed for working groups in OE spaces  which may be inspiring for a
"council of poeple with WSF process organizing /facilaition experience"

 -a WSF agenda    this WSF agenda maintenance process has the  key role of  showing the global  reality of the process through events  to many wsf participants ( if you know of events in 2013 .. please sen the info :-))

3/ (part 2 of contribution 3 is  a detailed proposal of "wsf facilitation contribution peer review"
which can be included smoothly in the agenda of an IC meeting , in a conscious effort to focus on contribution by members to process progress
This focus on concrete facilitation work and exchange of experience might be easier to have in a "council of Organizers/facilitators" ( Chico  contribution 17 )  than in a "council of representatives" (Current IC)

Of course the main characteristics of IC i-e to be a closed body where to have a limited consensus decision  remains to be transposed of changed in a new "council of poeple with WSF process organizing /facilaition experience"

Any comment on this highlight,  which is a new and brief input 19 to the discussion,  is welcome

Regards to all