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Thanks Gina for summary of Monastir Working Group & discussion summary.

Below is my contribution on both summaries:

1) STUCTURE: IC must be a horizontal collective of activists to facilitate bi-annual WSF editions (ie selecting forum themes & issues & constituting working groups as need be);

2) MEMBERSHIP: All attendants @ each six-monthly IC meetings shall be considered as members for that particular meeting to participate on equal footing with previous participants;

3) AGENDA: Draft must be shared beforehand & adjusted accordingly & adhered to in the IC meeting;

4) IC/CHAIR: Co-Chairs & Co-Rapporteurs of IC sessions should be on regional rotation basis & responsible for summary reports @ final plenary session & sharing final reports online;

5) SPEAKERS: Speaking time should be ten minutes maximum per speaker & no repetition (withdraw microphone if exceeds) regardless of speaker in order to have more speakers, save time & adhere to the Agenda;

6) BACKGROUND: Previous IC attendants shall provide background/historical memory for continuity & cohesion in transparent manner in the main meetings & working groups;

7) DOCUMENTS: Summary minutes & reports from previous working groups must be shared together with the Agenda (prior to the IC meeting dates) in English & author's language at least.

8) GUIDING Principles: These are principles but not rules. These include: WSF Charter & policies adopted by IC for its operational purpose, working groups & global regional social forum chapters.


9a) I agree with Gina that the core-members are those persons that attended the Monastir working group BUT open to interested individuals NOT entire membership;

9b) Gina must continue to make periodic summaries of points made;

9c) A deadline is needed to bring to an end the debate, followed by an analysis of the inputs & share with this membership for comments & revise accordingly as a zero draft report;

9d) Submit the zero draft report to IC members online for their comments BUT present final report & priory comments received @ IC meeting for decision on proposals therein.

Warm regards