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wsfic member history


MEETINGS ------------------------------------------------------------------

wsfic tunis march 2013 summary

wsfic tunis march 2013 summary es

wsfic tunis march 2013 summary pt1  

wsfic future of wsf workshop portoalegre 2016


WSF13 CONTRIBUTIONS early 2012 --------------------------------------------------------

wsfic fsm13 discussion

wsfic fsm13 lettreK fr wsfic fsm13 lettreK en

wsfic fsm13 lettreK comment1 fr wsfic fsm13 lettreK comment1 en+

wsfic fsm13 lettreK2 fr   wsfic fsm13 lettreK2 en wsfic fsm13 lettreK2 es

wsfic fsm13 lettreK3 fr

wsfic fsm13 lettreT1 fr   wsfic fsm13 lettreT1 en   wsfic fsm13 lettreT1 es

wsfic fsm13 lettreT2 fr+   wsfic fsm13 lettreT2 en   wsfic fsm13 lettreT2 es


OTHER TOPICS- OF DISCUSSION-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

wsfic newmov discussion

wsfic icfuture discussion

wsfic wsffuture discussion

wsfic icfuture gus1 en wsfic icfuture gus1 fr

wsfic wsffuture chico

wsfic wsffuture gus

wsfic wsf9  


WORKING GROUP ABOUT IC FUTURE- (started in monastir 2012)---------------------------------------------------------------

wsfic future wg monastir report

wsfic icfuture home   chronological review of contributions

wsfic icfuture howtoproceed   wsfic icfuture howtoproceed 2  

wsfic icfuture monastir discussion report

wsfic icfuturecontribution 1 wsfic icfuturecontribution 1 en   wsfic icfuturecontribution 1 fr  

wsfic icfuturecontribution 2 wsfic icfuturecontribution 2 plan

wsfic icfuturecontribution 3 wsfic icfuturecontribution 3 es wsfic icfuturecontribution 3 questionnaire

wsfic icfuturecontribution 4

wsfic icfuturecontribution 5

wsfic icfuturecontribution 6

wsfic icfuturecontribution 7

wsfic icfuturecontribution 8 wsfic icfuturecontribution 8 fr wsfic icfuturecontribution 8 es

wsfic icfuturecontribution 9 wsfic icfuturecontribution 9 fr wsfic icfuturecontribution 9 es+

wsfic icfuturecontribution 10 wsfic icfuturecontribution 10 fr wsfic icfuturecontribution 10 pt wsfic icfuturecontribution 10 comments

wsfic icfuturecontribution 11

wsfic icfuturecontribution 12

wsfic icfuturecontribution 13

wsfic icfuturecontribution 14

wsfic icfuturecontribution 15 pierre

wsfic icfuturecontribution 16 amit

wsfic icfuturecontribution 17 wsfic icfuturecontribution 17 fr wsfic icfuturecontribution 17 es wsfic icfuturecontribution 17 pt

wsfic icfuturecontribution 18  mikael

wsfic icfuturecontribution 19 pierre

wsfic icfuturecontribution 20 chico

wsfic icfuturecontribution 21 vinod

wsfic icfuturecontribution 22 jasper wsfic icfuturecontribution 22 reply chico   reply by chico

wsfic icfuturecontribution 23 brasil  wsfic icfuturecontribution 23 fr

wsfic icfuturecontribution 24 nicolas

wsfic icfuturecontribution 25 hector

wsfic icfuturecontribution docE en francine


------------------------casablanca meeting-------------------------------------------- 

casa13 cr 2015 2016

casa13 report draft1

casa13 report casa13 report en casa13 report es casa13 report fr

casa13 abbrev report

casa13 ameer statement  

casa13 participants

casa13 note report team+

casa13  wsfic tasks tareas taches cifsm+

casa13 wsfic tasks tareas taches cifsm  the good one



-----------------------------tunis meeting -------------------------------------------------

tunis14 montreal2016 collectif document fr  

tunis14 montreal2016 collectif document en   

hammamet 201411 extension



------------------------------tunis 2015 meeting------------------------------------------------- 

tunis15 notes videos

tunis15 photos  

tunis 201503 extension



------------------------------salvador 2015 meeting ---------------------------------------- 

salvador15 report gm  

salvador15 report abong pt  

salvador15 report abong en

salvador15 report abong es+

salvador15 report abong fr

salvador15 report working group on ic en  

salvador15 report working group on ic es

salvador15 report working group on ic fr  

salvador 201510 extension

salvador15 short report working group on ic en


----------------------------portoalegre 2016 meeting-----------------------------------

portoagre16 oficina futuro fsm en

portoagre16 oficina futuro fsm es+

portoagre16 oficina futuro fsm pt+  

icextension notes 

porto alegre 201601extension



----------------------------montreal support ---------------------------------------------

montreal16 participation call from ic   montreal16 solidarityfund call from ic

montreal16 participation call from ic fr   montreal16 solidarityfund call from ic fr+

montreal16 participation call from ic en   montreal16 solidarityfund call from ic en+

montreal16 participation call from ic es   montreal16 solidarityfund call from ic es+

montreal16 participation call from ic pt  

montreal16 insumo a quem interesa enterar o proceso fsm EN FR PT

montreal16 future of WSF assembly


------------------------------montreal16 meeting ----------------------------------------------

montreal16 cireport1+ montreal16 ci notes1+ montreal16 cireport2+ montreal16 cireport3+

icextension notes montreal 201608 extension

montreal16 letter on visa august self organized  

montreal16 motion of IC on visas  

montreal16 fm report  

montreal16 mh input  

montreal16 novox declaration to ic

montreal16 gm report  

montreal16 intercoll compilation  

montreal16 jgd proposals to ic  

montreal16 pb report  

montreal16 cw input la nave va  

montreal16 gm on declarations of ic+  

montreal16 cw on declarations of ic   


------------------------------portoalegre2017 meeting-------------------------------------------   

icextension notes  porto alegre 2017 01 extension

agenda : 

portoalegre17 letter from oslo

portoalegre17 rc input  

portoalegre17 abong input pt  



------------------------------ salvador2018 elements  (starting the process)------------------------------------------------ 

salvador2018 elements home

salvador2018 element1 salvador2018  element2   salvador2018 element3   salvador2018 element4 salvador2018 element5 salvador2018 element6   salvador2018 element7+ salvador2018 element8




--------------------------- whichwsfevent  and which ic discussion proposed2017--------------------------------------

whichwsfevent discussion home

whichwsfevent discussion input1 whichwsfevent discussion input2

whichwsfevent whichic discussion input3

whichwsfevent whichic discussion input4  


------------------------------- salvador2017 meeting -(october)--------------------------------------

salvador17 input1 Pierre  about assemblies and final moment 

salvador17 input1.05   carta CB/CI para o CIFSM

salvador17 consulta pre ci resposta1 resposta CICB as perguntas gerais by secretariat  and GF

salvador17 consulta pre ci resposta2 resposta CGIL to general questions 

salvador17 consulta pre ci resposta3 resposta Cidse 

salvador17 perguntas pre ci resposta1 resposta CICB as perguntas CI
salvador17 perguntas pre ci resposta2   resposta CGIL

in salvador videos & transcription of discussions


salvador17 input1.1 gm input 18 10  in the international seminar

salvador17 input1.3 fm report  Francine

salvador17 input1.2 gm report Gus 

salvador17 input1.4 metodology of initiaitves  - result of working group created in salvador meeting

salvador17 input1.5 davos call  18 november - a text not drafted in a working group

salvador17 input1.6 consultation AML/WSA  withmention of corrective by Piere

salvador17 input2   Boaventura november 2 - reinventng the WSF

salvador17 input3   Damien sobre  themes

salvador17 input3.1 respuestas sobre temas
salvador17 input3.2 respuestas sobre temas
salvador17 input4 Pierre Insumo 36bis continuing the stopped discussion in Salvadar about struggles assembly

salvador17 input4.5 Mauri  it is needed to hear all the voices 

salvador17 input5 Pierre  report of IC salvador meeting salvador17 input5 en     salvador17 input5 fr   salvador17 input5 pt iniviation do consider 15 solication about the co-responsability dialogue GF/CI

salvador17 input6 Uddhab on global program and IC dates      

salvador17 input7 Chico on global program and IC dates
(salvador17 input8 Markus  on global program
salvador17 input9 Francine on global program

salvador17 input10 Damien e Sheila  sobre programacion y metoodogia 

salvador17 input11 Gina y sergio sobre autogestionadas

salvador17 input12 Oded copia de carta capital

salvador17 input12.5 artigo Mauri  respondendo input2 

salvador17 input13 Chamado do grupo da asambleia de povos 

salvador17 input14 Proposta datas CI Hamouda

salvador17 input15 discussao sobre datas CI

salvador17 input16 proposta de agenda Pierre

salvador17 input17 informacion Boaventura

salvador17 input18 texto colectivo FSM espaço aberto o organizacao ?

salvador17 input19 from pngo 

salvador17 input19.5 de mauri 


------------------------------- salvador2018 meeting - (march)--------------------------------------  

salvador18 input1 agenda

salvador18 input2 Francine report & others

salvador18 input3 Gus report FR ES

salvador18 input4 Oded to francine & Boaventura

salvador18 input5 calls by IC members - about marielle 

salvador18 input6 call for liberation of Moussa in Niger - an IC member

salvador18 input7  Call for international solidarity with the Brazilian people with signatures of IC members

salvador18 input8 finnish social forum

salvador18 input9 declaration de militants francais L’altermondialisme après le FSM de Salvador de Bahia et l’arrestation de Lula

salvador18 input10 news from iraq

salvador18 input11 deux mois apres les arrestations au niger 

salvador18 input12 newsletter forum social des migrations

salvador18 input13 memorandum desde mexico