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Sign Our community reference text   EN ES FR PT 

it was read in impuls*fsm assembly in wsf2009 ,  you may sign it in the blog here


    Our scope : Designing and supporting  internet tools for social forums ......

    Generic needs : are   expressed in comcom plan : §1  and 3      

    ......and being discussed in comcom and in this wsf ssc community space


    Current Projects Agenda in WSF SSC along with working groups of  WSF IC communication commission 

    The technical concrete scope of the group does cover various sites / software related to wsf  in plone python or drupal

    2009-11 webprojects discussion

      • On line collaboration tools pG ( possible)




      WSFSCC activities in SF events



      Topics   - global views 

      wsfportal   mock up of what a portal could be

      event index site   capitalizing on our experience of event sites into wsfactivity

      smart linking how to offer smart ways for  process site and event/index site users to establish links between "forms" and "spaces"

      participant status x accessible operations

      • Convergence agenda between tools sites

      name flexibility+ openid graphical look vocabulary

      press release 20091118

      wsf internet and comcom - log

      interesting sites
      mailing list issues