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OpenFSM is a platform for social activism provided by the World Social Forum.

OpenFSM is the simple way to bring groups together, promote your cause, make plans, get things done and make another world possible.

Newest projects

  • AM&L / M&SA

    created September 21

    espacio rumbo a un proceso Asamblea movimentos & Luchas - Space towards a process of Movements & Struggles Assembly - espace vers un processus Assemblée Mouvements & Luttes

  • "Direct. redes comunicadoras amazonicas

    created July 18

    espacio de desarrollo de la iniciativa DRC 24 en fospa

  • campaña "Curriculum global Ecosol"

    created July 10

  • Bel'M

    created June 7

    Contributions aux dynamiques d'extension FSM depuis Montréal

  • CTSM-X

    created June 6

    Activités du CTSM placées dans la dynamique extension FSM

Updated projects