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OpenFSM is a platform for social activism provided by the World Social Forum.

OpenFSM is the simple way to bring groups together, promote your cause, make plans, get things done and make another world possible.

Newest projects

  • Moneta Positiva

    created November 22

    L'Associazione di Promozione Sociale "Moneta Positiva" ha come obiettivo la realizzazione di una moneta di proprietà dei cittadini e libera dal debito. Per realizzare questo obiettivo, è necess...

  • zimbabwe and wsf

    created November 7

  • "How to" Contributions About WSF process

    created November 4

    How can World social forum process be known and inspiring to many more groups in the world ? An invitation to contributions about visions on WSF process, proposed by a group of WSF process partici...

  • Netherlands & WSF

    created October 16

  • Norway & WSF

    created October 10

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