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OpenFSM is a platform for social activism provided by the World Social Forum.

OpenFSM is the simple way to bring groups together, promote your cause, make plans, get things done and make another world possible.

Newest projects

  • Methodologie FSM2015 (test)

    created December 17

    Un espace collaboratif proposé pour la commission méthodologie : methodologie at -

  • Mother Care child Health

    created December 15

    PRIME health program is designed to provide access to henceforth-disadvantaged segment of the society to essential health services, particularly the poor living in the rural areas in and around Fai...

  • FJEP

    created December 3

  • WSFcafeFSM Tunis

    created December 3

    @AR @EN space where to prepare and develop wsf cafe tunis on occasion of wsf2015 culminating 24 28 march 2015 @ES espacio donde preparar y desarrollar el cafe fsm tunis en ocasion de fsm2015 cul...

  • Extension FSM2015WSF

    created November 27

    @FR Un espace de travail et de publication pour la commission extension fsm2015 @EN a work and publishing space for extension commission of wsf2015 @ES un espacio de trabajo y documentaciion para...

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