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OpenFSM is a platform for social activism provided by the World Social Forum.

OpenFSM is the simple way to bring groups together, promote your cause, make plans, get things done and make another world possible.

Newest projects

  • France & FSM

    created September 30

    Un espace d'échange et d'information sur les thèmes France et FSM

  • CineForo /Crimen Organizado-ElSalvador

    created September 2

    Contra el crimen organizado

  • Free Alexey Gaskarov!

    created August 18

    Well-known Russian anti-fascist Alexei Gaskarov was arrested in Moscow. He is an elected member of the Russian opposition’s Coordinating Council. The Russian Investigative Committee has accused h...

  • Colombia & FSM > Tunis 2015

    created July 18

    un espacio sin compromiso para hablar de colmbia y FSM y practicar participacion a distancia

  • WSF Café FSM

    created July 14

    an initiative for casual interchange about wsf une initiative pour des échanges informels a propos du fsm una inciativa para intercambios informales acerca del fsm

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