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OpenFSM is a platform for social activism provided by the World Social Forum.

OpenFSM is the simple way to bring groups together, promote your cause, make plans, get things done and make another world possible.

Newest projects

  • / Convergences in WSF/FSM process

    created April 16

    @EN A space where to exchange about Convergences assemblies in WSF events from 2009 to 2016 - @ES un espacio donde intercambiar sobre asambleas de convergencia en eventos FSM de 2009 hasta 2016 - @...

  • ATSFI: around ISF, Thematic SF about Internet

    created April 15

    Around a Thematic Social Forum about Internet : Elements on Documentation, Preparation, Extension, ...

  • TransitionCI WG

    created April 1

    @EN consultation & proposals about CI de transition before october 2015 IC - @FR consultation & propositions sur le CI de transition avant le CI d'octobre 2015 - @ES consulta & propuestas sobre CI ...

  • Youth Participation

    created March 21

    This is a idea to empower youth, facilitate their participation and advocacy for the youth leadership.

  • Red Educación y Economía Social Solidaria

    created March 20

    La Red internacional de Educación y Economía Social y Solidaria (RESS) está conformada por organizaciones y miembros de Ecuador, Brasil, Bolivia, Cuba, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay,México...

Updated projects

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