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  1. GC iniciativas > Agora dos Futuros FSM18

    3 member(s), last updated today

  2. Extensao Salvador FSM2018

    1 member(s), last updated yesterday

  3. inisa7 Estimular ContribIntlenFSMMigracion18

    3 member(s), last updated yesterday

  4. WSF IC - FSM CI

    11 member(s), last updated yesterday

    Discussion space for the World Social Forum International Council
  5. Caritas & FSM/WSF

    2 member(s), last updated yesterday

    @EN - An space for visilbility and interactions between participant in the WSF process from various Caritas internationalis CI member organizations @FR - Un espace pour la visibilité et l'interaction entre les participants dans le processus fsm de diverses orgnaisations membres de Caritas Internationalis @ES un espacio para la visibilidad y las interacciones entre participantes en el proceso fsm de varias organizaciones miembres de Caritas Internationalis
  6. TransitionCI WGs / GTs

    7 member(s), last updated February 23

    @EN consultation & proposals about CI de transition before october 2015 IC - @FR consultation & propositions sur le CI de transition avant le CI d'octobre 2015 - @ES consulta & propuestas sobre CI de transicion antes del CI de octubre 2015
  7. intercommunication &

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  8. Marriage Migrants on Neoliberalism

    1 member(s), last updated February 23

    Marriage migrants relay their analysis and position on neoliberal globalization and how its policies impact on them and their families. Through this workshop, we wish to encourage many marriage migrants in Latin America and other global regions to share their experiences and insights on the matter. Os migrantes matrimoniais remetem suas análises e posições sobre a globalização neoliberal e sobre o impacto das suas políticas nelas e em suas famílias. Através deste workshop, desejamos encorajar muitos migrantes matrimoniais na América Latina e outras regiões globais a compartilhar suas experiências e informações sobre o assunto.
  9. Tunisie & FSM

    7 member(s), last updated February 21

    espace pour developper la participation à distance dans le fsm depuis les régions de tunisie
  10. Dynex1 WSF Extension FSM

    10 member(s), last updated February 20

    EN a space about an extension dynanmics started on occasion of WSF2016 @ES un espace sobre una dinamica de extension iniciada en occasion de FSM 2016 @FR un espace sur une dynamique d'extension iniitiée a l'occasion du FSM 2016