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  • Global UBI Network Meet Up Today

    from Mark Barrett on Aug 14, 2017 07:37 AM
    Dear Friends
    Just to let you know / remind  there will be a Global UBI meeting today at
    19.30 UTC at the following following link https://meet.jit.si/Ideal
    *For today's meeting **we really want to connect with individuals living in
    the global south / non - West so we can know how they see the issue of UBI*.
    Therefore please consider attending if you can help with this
    [*Background Info: *some of us have been meeting recently about a renewed
    global campaign network. We ended up focused on Unconditional Basic Income
    and the need for a regular payment to every single person on the planet.
    You can read about some of what has been discussed so far in the framework
    text below.]
    If you can't make the meeting please take a moment to comment / suggest any
    contacts worth reaching out to.
    Many thanks
    *Two thousand years ago, a Roman Senator suggested that all slaves wear
    white armbands to better identify them.  "No," said a wiser Senator.  "If
    they see how many of them there are, they may revolt."*
    *Framing the approach to the UBI that we want to develop*
        To elaborate collaboratively a common idea with non-western countries
    of what the UBI should be and how it should be implemented, so that it fits
    local needs in a global world
        To identify ways of working together globally for UBI
    *Exploring the meaning of a grassroot approach to UBI*
    UBI implies another way to distribute wealth, but does not necessarily
    provide a framework to build a better world. UBI may reduce poverty but
    there are other aspects that should be emphasised as liberating at the
    grassroots level.
    UBI is independent from ideology and religion. It focuses on people, who as
    humans being have the right to have good living conditions, access to
    knowledge, health, the right to follow their own cultures, etc.
    UBI empowers the individual to learn from his/her freedom
    UBI makes visible and supports all kinds of unrecognised work needed to
    sustain and transform society. It ends the idea of social status by
    reference only to paidemployment and ability to do commerce.
    UBI means paying for what is normally stolen in Global South countries,
    mainly in the form of raw materials.
    UBI means recovering the idea of 'Commons' for all human kind, learning
    from indigenous communities (in the sense or original/local) still
    practising the commons as a way of life
    UBI means correcting a historic wrong. Capturing and redistributing wealth
    from Commons resources (land, sea, air, fuel, technology etc), and on which
    commercial operators presently have free reign.
    UBI should open a perspective to collaboration, sharing instead of
    competition taking as one model what is being carried out in free
    software/creative commons/p2p communities
    UBI implies decentralizacion giving power to local communities and
    self-organisation through networks
    UBI should enable people to take part in decisions that are part of their
    everyday life, making possible a change from being a passive person (and
    consumer) to an active person (and producer / creator of culture).
    UBI can set the basis for a society that is inclusive, non-violent,
    respectful, sovereign, aware of injustice and ready to act skillfully in
    response to it. Unity will be a key point, while also recognizing the
    greatest diversity. A grassroot UBI should not rely on political
    representatives and existing economic powers but facilitate an independent,
    organic movement based on people's needs, and the development of human
    capacities, responsibilities and a new freedom.