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    from pierre on Sep 27, 2013 08:06 PM
    ENGLISH    - espanol  de aqui a poco  -  francais bientoy )
    Dear  participants in Tunis G2 group
    Here is an input 2 in our Tunis assigned task of developing a consultation
    process about future of IC
    Your comments are  most welcome
    :-) Best
    Some work has been done by some of us  in the summer :.*
    *Outcome was  publication of  a survev-menu of 4  test surveys :
    Exploration1 - 2A - 2B  - 3 *
    Recently , in the wake of this
    *Translation  of **questions and answers  in French and Spanish*  was done
    , so that people speaking english or french could guide themeselves using
    them , and
    *Edition of the responses in form of text in english  Spanish and French* (
    for 1 and 2A) were  made  available
    *Concrete  exploration of  some of the surveys* (all are with  possiblity
    of comments )  has been  made by  : Chris 1 2B 3 , Francine 3, Jason 1,
    Judith 1, Pierre 3, Raphael 1 , Sergio 3, Shawn 3 )
    *This  input 2 is  an overview page  proposing a "PROFILING " of the 4
    surveys  and their questions along 5 color categories *– -
     vision of WSF (yellow)  - personal participation(grey)– generic vision of
    IC(green) – recommended actions/changes(pink) – evaluation and scenarios
    for change(blue)
    This overview  may
    - illustrate  the notion of *diversity  regarding how to  tackle the issue
    of ic future * (  other surveys are possible ...)
    -help *choose a survey to explore depending on time available and profile
    of the survey*
    INPUT :  - first elements for discussion  vocabulary  on IC FUTURE
    Some  implicit or explicit *IC scenarios*  present in the questions or
    answers of the 4 surveys can be named  as follows  :
    *"current IC"  ,  "enhanced adapted IC" ,  "minimal adapted IC" , "no IC",*
    and ,  for all those three  scenarios   *"other WSF faciltitating
    groups" *come
    to be part of the broader picture
    *"Adaptation of IC" *is visible through  some *mentioned  possible changes
    in the membership of IC,  scope of IC,  and internal organizing of IC, adn
    relation to other wsf active participants *
    *"Enhancement of IC "* is  related to what can be perceived as "needed" or
    "good to do", based on concrete cases and valuable discussions held in and
    around IC since 2003, although  with a  quite  reduced implementation rate
    Within this large category, of "needed - good to do" , , *"Minimalism for
    IC "* is related to  what seems within reach  given our collective recent
    years  experience
    our group page  : http://openfsm.net/projects/cifutur/cifutur-consultations
    our group list :