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Re: Update from IPS

from Claudia Diez de Medina on Jan 28, 2011 11:35 AM
Dear all,

Just one thing, the printed TerraViva edition will be in English, 
French and Portuguese.

Keep up the good work! Claudia

At 10.45 28/01/2011, Abdullah Vawda [IPS Africa] wrote:
>Dear friends,
>Hope you are energised and ready for a great event?
>Below is a small update from Inter Press Service, following our 
>fundraising and collaboration efforts:
>* The IPS TerraViva WEBSITE is now active, http://www.ips.org/TV/wsf 
>which will host the latest news, features, interviews and images from Dakar.
>* IPS will be producing MULTI-LINGUAL POSTERS of TerraViva (size 40 
>x 60 cm) every day with French, Arabic, English Swahili stories included.
>* IPS and Flamme have agreed to SHARE CONTENT produced by the 
>respective teams, for publication in print and to be circulated 
>across various networks.
>* IPS is speaking to e-joussor to make ARABIC CONTENT available for 
>publication in TerraViva (online and poster editions)
>* A joint TRAINING WORKSHOP for selected  journalists on 3-4 
>February is being organised by the Panos and Amarc teams, as IPS 
>does not have an office or resources in Dakar.
>* Three IPS REPORTERS from Senegal will provide daily coverage of 
>the WSF and their reports will be published online.
>* IPS Director General Mario Lubetkin will be participating in three 
>SIDE EVENT seminars. Additional joint events may be confirmed in the 
>next few days, such as a proposed 'Media Rountable' discussion.
>* IPS will be producing a tabloid size TerraViva newsletter IN 
>PORTUGUESE language, for distribution on the final day, as the South 
>American sponsors specifically requested Portuguese language 
>material at the WSF.
>* Out team is looking forward to working with other communications 
>organisations that seek to promote the messages of the Forum, such 
>e-Joussour, etc, etc
>See you soon,
>Abdullah Vawda
>Marketing Manager
>Inter Press Service (IPS) Africa
>Head Office: 283 Dunkeld West Centre,
>cnr Jan Smuts Ave and Bompas Rd,
>Johannesburg, 2196 (South Africa)
>Tel: +27 11 325 2671
>Fax: +27 11 325 2891
>Email: avawda@...
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