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    from pierre4 on Apr 17, 2009 02:36 PM
    Hello Thiago and all,
    Good to read this kind of clear cut mail and agenda ......
    Find here a suggestion of content / structure  for the newsletter(s)
    related to today's deadline
    looking for feedbacks ... can elaborate more section 3 and  5
    (See attached file: April Newsletter proposal .doc)
    (Suggested  structure and Guidelines for newsletter )
    joint service from wsf office and comcom  open to receiving info with
    moderation policy
    have a non editorial  document with  short pieces of text  and many
    informative links
    hightlight  process ( events and dates and online section 1 2 3 )  - then
    highlight  about facilitation and contribution  for process ( sect 4 5 )
    distinguish world scale , continent scale and  smaller scale events and
    initiaitives  - for smaller scales  publication is "upon reception"
    limited to two lines  with links
    April issue
    WSF PROCESS - calendar
    1 - Follow up on recent events -  dates
    a/worldwide /continental
    Belem - reporting and assemblies on line
    - remind the list of assemblies, advise about creating spaces for people to
    join on line
    - explain the reporting spirit -  and use of report  link  about  reporting
    belem activities and results , and openpages
    - mention  the geographical spaces for post belem contacts  in regions of
    the world
    b/continental / national /local evetns dates  (upon reception of info from
    comittees  )
    - - guatemala ? malmo ?
    recent events elsewhere?
    2- upcoming events /dates
    a/worlwide and continental  scale
    - maghreb mashrek seminar 4 and 5 may
    - list from belem  - with links to where interested people can find
    infomration  ( case of mobiliation dates etc .)
    - asian forum ?
    b/ national scale and below ( upon reception of info )
    - congolese social forum  -  june 2009 space in openfsm
    3 - On going process on line -
    news and tips about  WSF related websites  ( upon reception by related
    comcom working groups- 3 lines format per site  )
    a/ historical site  - articles  received  assessing belem  ?
    b/- belem event  site - will close operation  soon ?
    c/- openfsm.net,  possibility for participation on line for the two years
    to come,  improvement to come,  start or join  assembly spaces or
    initiative space
    - tip /info of the month:
    d/- wsf tv  ,  viw  x videos on  upload
    - tip/info of the month  -  link to actors and actions
    e/- list of alternate media sites
    4 - Facilitation agenda   - world and continental - links to reports
    a/ world
    +just passed
    belem ic report
    - IC in rabat  highlights about expanding wsf in middle east,
    - IC in rabat  highlights  about shaping wsf process for the years to come
    b/ continental and local  (upon reception )
    +just passed
    - EPA in athens
     - detroit Npc meeting
    - asia?
    +upcoming -announcements and links to preparation spaces
    - african meeting
    - next epa in june
    -next npc
    - next meetings asia?
     5 -  ownership and contribution in wsf process
    a/ world  scale
    - list of commissions
    -remind protocols of inclusion in commissions
    -  commission working space on line  ( comcom for the moment )
    - communication commission working groups are hiring  - cooptation  based
    on past wsf experience inputs
    - send proposals for  in kind or financial contributions
    b/ continental scale  (upon reception )
    c/- other  initiatives '( upon reception )
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    A proposal of calendar for the next newsletter:
    - April 17th (friday) - set up the newsletter items and issues
    - April 23rd (thursday) - final version in English
    - April 29th (wednesday) - deadline for all translations
    - April 30th (thursday) - newsletter sending
    So please send your contributions/opinions, specially concerning the
    newsletter issues and items.
    all the best,
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    - 29/04 (quarta) - prazo para as traduções (PT-ES-FR)
    - 30/04 (quinta) - envio
    Por favor enviem as contribuições / opiniões, especialmente no que diz
    respeito a pauta do Boletim.
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