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from FSM Site - Thiago on Jan 11, 2009 09:40 PM
Monica, friends
I'm sorry, I had several "daily" problems (as a broken glass and a 
broken washing machine), besides several issues to solve before moving 
to Belem on Tuesday. Sorry for the delay.

Attached goes the Portuguese version. The critical changes (needed to be 
made in all languages) are in yellow.

In green, corrections on portuguese wording.

And in red, things that still unconfirmed.

Kélem said all the info to be corrected (yellow), except the indigenous 
peoples participation, is already translated on the website 
fsm2009amazonia. But the website is offline since yesterday...

And I was also not able to publish it in OpenFSM, as it's still 
impossible to save the edited text on Press-GT wiki.

all the best,

Thiago Benicchio
World Social Forum Office - Sao Paulo, Brazil
skype user: benicchio

Kelem Cabral wrote:
> Queridos,
> Segue um texto sobre a participaçao indigena no FSM 2009.
> Mando em portugues, frances e castelhano. O Thiago vai enviar em ingles.
> Favor difundir as listas de imprensa internacional.
> Abs e ótimo final de semana!!!
> -- 
> Kélem Cabral
> Fórum Social Mundial- Escritório - Belém/PA
> www.fsm2009amazonia.org.br <http://www.fsm2009amazonia.org.br>
> (Antes de imprimir, pense no seu compromisso com o meio ambiente.)

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