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Re: Re: Minutes of our chat today, and statement against violence

from Waleed Khalid on Jul 04, 2013 07:01 AM
Hi Martina,
If I am allowed to vote, I think that this is a really good idea and I support it. 

Waleed Abdulabbas, ISF, Iraq. 

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Subject: [Iraq Social Forum] Re: Minutes of our chat today, and statement against violence

Thanks Judith, I forgot to add it in the minutes!

Next Skype meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday 17th of July 2013, at the usual time (3pm GMT).

Thanks also for the following text, that I ask everyone to check
      and eventually amend within tomorrow night, 4th of July. It is a solidarity message that we agreed to write today. When we finalize it, it can circulate in our lists and be disseminated in Iraq (we'll need to make an Arabic translation).

I suggest that we add to this statement signatures of the
      International Committee for the ISF only, and we spread it asap,
      since it's a very simple message. What do others think?

If you agree with the text please confirm if we can add your
      endorsement! I can collect signature, but I need:



The International Solidarity Committee of the World Social Forum is supporting the preparation of the first Iraqi Social Forum, scheduled to take place in Baghdad on 26-28 September 2013. 

One of the key aims of the ISF (Iraqi Social Forum) is to build peace and overcome all forms of violence in Iraq. The very fact that the ISF is still scheduled to take place in the face of the current wave of bombings is in itself not only a challenge, but a way of defying this violence and proving that peace and another Iraq are possible.

As International Solidarity Committee, we strongly condemn all the current acts of violence, and particularly those heinous acts that have targeted children and youth practicing sport and other peaceful activities.  

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