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Re: Chat of International Committee for ISF tomorrow, Wednesday 14th of August

from Gershom Kabaso on Aug 14, 2013 02:25 PM
Dear Friends,

Thanks for reminding me about today's meeting.However, apologies am
unable to attend because we are taken off to Malawi for poeples Summit
meeting until 17th August 2013.

 Nevertheless, we are in support of the meeting outcomes and
forthcoming meeting in sept 2013. We are in position to enlarge the
ISF meeting in Lusaka with the help of com Pierre.

The minutes of the ISF are in circulation through ZAMSOF list

Wishing you all the best deliberations



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Gershom Kabaso,r.,
National Coordinator ,
Zambia Social Forum
 PO BOX CA 131 Castle Lusaka
 Cell Phone: +260 977 46 72 86
                     +260 950 72 11 22

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