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Re: Follow-up chat after the Iraqi Social Forum

from ahmad jaradat on Oct 29, 2013 07:35 PM
Geart Martina.. I try be to be in the meeting


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On Tue, Oct 29, 2013, at 05:03 PM, Martina Pignatti M. wrote:

Dear friends,

we learnt that the Iraqi Social Forum Preparatory Committee is meeting
this afternoon in Baghdad, to discuss about their participation in the
next events related to the World Social Forum, and about how to spread
internationally information about the great Iraqi Social Forum we had!

Let's have a chat of the International Solidarity Committee for the
Iraqi Social Forum tomorrow, Wednesday 30th of October, at 6 pm Iraqi
time (4pm in Central European Time). The chat will be in English and
Arabic. In order to participate, contact my Skype user: martinapm

Tomorrow we can hear about the decisions of the ISF Committee and make
proposals to support them, from the international side. Sorry for
calling for his meeting at the last moment, anyway I will send a report
to this mailinglist so that everyone can read it and comment

We should be able to spread, by the end of this week, an international
statement in English and Arabic on the Iraqi Social Forum, attaching
reports. If you published an article or posted pictures and videos on
the Iraqi Social Forum, in any language, please share the link with us.

Thankyou all, and

Warm Regards





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