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    from gkabaso2003 on Dec 30, 2015 08:15 PM
    Dear Iraqis Comrades and Iraq International solidarity Commitee,
    In quest to build a culture of promoting people to people solidarity
    globally around peace and human security. May I congratulate my fellow
    comrades, brothers, sisters and all Iraqis especially Iraq Armed forces for
    taking up Ramadi Province which was a HOT SPOT for ISIS .The Iraq flag has
    been raised higher on the province building declaring that Ramadi is ISIS
    free province which is the best ever gift to Iraqis during this festive
    season. We hope that Nenawa province which still under ISIS control will be
    fought about as well in shortest period of time… My Iraqis comrades and
    friends I personally share with you  my noble and heartfelt happiest
    feelings with you at juncture . It is really a positive indication that
    soon Iraq will have a complete peace the country it deserve to have   LONG
    LIVE INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY ... and VIVA people of Iraq VIVA!!!!! Another
    Iraq! …Will be Indeed Possible.
    In Solidarity,
    Gershom Kabaso Jr
    National Coordinator
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