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new program version D-7

from facilitfsm@... on Jan 31, 2011 03:55 PM
hello everyone

here is the last version of program
by format and day
by format and daket number

100 encounters 
40 enlarges activities ... (check about columns J K L M  of the table for interactivity with them) 

please answer in this list only for general matters, otherwise input in your specific mailing lists  daket-frxxd@...

daket team -  Pierre

following initiatives are on going
en1 zambia
en2 nairobi korogocho
en8 dhakka
en10 zimbabwe

following initatives are probably staying  local or distance participation unless last minute info
en3 rhode island
en4 adelaide
en5 durban
en 9 world parliament
en11 rural usa

follwing lines are surprisingly silent  
en7 lagos
en6 taiwan 
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