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ONLINE INVITATION March 16th 12h UTC ForumConnect Session3 " connecting our wsf facilitation experiences"

from forumconnect-wg@... on Mar 14, 2021 12:11 PM
-----------------ENGLISH ------------------

Dear participants in wsf process 

Register for the next FCsession3 16th March  here

Pannelists will be 
Aldalice Otterloo ( Brasil) WSF 2009   Fospa
Jason Nardi ( Italy)  WSFTE 2020
Mauri Cruz ( Brasil) WSF 2018   FSR 2020  
Salete Valesan ( Brasil) WSF 2001-2005,2009, 2018

Consult preparation here

Make an input here
Disseminate the invitation through the pdf attached bearing links 

ForumConnect  Team

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