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  • Web: getting started with our website

    from Jasper on Dec 19, 2012 11:18 PM
    I just added a first outline for the website for our initiative, as 
    proposed and discussed during the meeting of 18 dec.
    You can read and edit it here: http://titanpad.com/agora99firezneWSFweb
    grts jasper (parttime webbuilder and happy to help with setup and 
    Outline for the website.*
    *Questions: *
    - Who wants to join the team of admins/translators?
    - What functions do we need? Please add below
    - Which content management system are we going to use?
    - What domain name are we going to claim?
    - On which server are we going to host it?
    *Key purpose of this website:*
    - Explain who we are and what we want
    - Invite others to join us
    - Provide news about our process (mumble calls, minutes)
    - Publish our program in Tunis
    - Report (live and after) about our activities in Tunis
    - Practical info on attending the WSF (travelling, map, etc)
    - (Re)publish background articles & discussion documents related to  our 
    movements, the WSF, the situation in Tunisia and the region
    - Inform and report about extended 'Occupy the WSF' events
    - Inform and report about other interesting WSF events
    - Collaboration tools / online forum
    - About this initiative
    - Join us
    - Meetings & minutes
    - Program in Tunis
    - News & opinion
    - Practical info
    *Requirements of the Content Management System:*
    - Multilanguage (RTL-LTR compatible)
    - Responsive template (pc, tablet, mobile)
    - Open source / Creative Commons license
    - Multiple editors
    - Comment and social share options
    - setup and design
    - editors/contributors
    - translators