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URBAN SOCIAL FORUM IN INDONESIA - dec 3rd remote participation

de parte de extension@... en 30/11/2016 00:05

INVITATION : WSF process accessible for all - WSF EXTENSION DYNAMICS IN 
INDONESIA - dec 3rd

Remotely participate in urban social forum 4th edition in the city of 
Semarang - Dec 3rd 8 am to 8 pm  -
  2000 people expected - 14 activities on urban issues accessible to 
remote participants with live videos and chat room  hosted by welcoming 
USF volunters

@ time in semarang 
@ livestreams page https://acadhe.github.io/usf_streaming/
@chatrooms page https://acadhe.github.io/usf_chat-room/
@ more information

@ extension dynamics is now 250 activities in 40 countries
GEOGRAPHY  page : 
CHRONOLOGY page  - upcoming activities : 

to announce an activity in the extension dynamics, write to : extension 
at  fsm2016.org

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