• Call press 2009

last modified December 6, 2008 by facilitfsm

Dear friends from all over the world,

we contact you as active protagonists of the WSF GDA 2008
because Belem WSF 2009 is approaching, and we need to join forces to get the communication about the event
(and related activities, like Belem expanded - which can be done locally during the same period) going and spread as much as possibile!  

So... we have to join forces to make it more visible and participated than ever!
As in the last WSF GDA as Social Watch, Fair/Italy, Nova/Spain (for Belem Expanded) and (just arrived, very welcome) with the support of ASud/Italy, we are in charge to facilitate a global press pool that is expected to prepare some common press materials to be translated / adapted in various languages (and it would be great if we could have some African languages too) and to organise many press conferences on the same day to announce the Forum and it's themes.

There is also a lot of alternative media activities - preparing both for Belem (radio and tv forums, free media forum, etc.) and at an international level (journalist and press relations network, etc) - and the working groups of the IC Communication commission ... are starting to work.  

So I invite those of you who can to join the communication working group in the online meetings (every monday on skype at 19 hrs Paris time --

send your skype id to me Monica Di Sisto monica.disisto@faircoop.it -- and to Thiago Benicchio of the WSF Office in Sao Paolo: thiago.wsf@gmail.com)

and / or the email lists of the working groups on http://www.openfsm.net
[You should all have received an invitation email - if you haven't, please write me or Thiago]
thanks again and... keep in touch!
Monica, Jason, Marica,