• comcom 2011 assessment questionnaire

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Possible questions to organizers of activities


1.      What kind of activity did you hold in the 2011 WSF.


2.      if you have had previous experiences, how you would classify the 2011 WSF regarding:

- level of connection with other initiatives/movements

- level of organization

- expansion process (diverse initiatives and Dakar Expanded)

- assemblies

- (new) participations

- (new) themes


3.      what you consider that have been the most evident limitations. What have been the most evident achievements.  

>> Limitations


4.      How do you perceive the importance of the Forum's impact outside the Forum itself.





5.      Based in these considerations, what recommendations would you make to the next WSF. Please make three.

>> Recommendations


6.      After 10 years of the WSF, how do you see its future development and how do you see your participation in the WSF Process.


>> Development


>> Participation