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 Inter communication


 - los processos de intercomunicación entre participantes,  organisaciones  e individuos  mediante Internet o en directo  ( sitios colaborativos y intercomunicación  expandida (video chats colectivos a distancia, metodologia de actividades participativas  )

La lista de correo del grupo esta aqui :
El ezfuerso principal se da en facilitar  el espacio sfex  que tiene su lista propia


Forms of intercommunication can also be by sending 'ambassadors', by audio, by chat, by commenting documents, by collaborating in a common “space “ in a website.

- Promote and support experiences of direct horizontal intercommunication between WSF actors
- Stimulate and support the set up and operation of a "interconnections working group "   by event or by mobilizing date


Earlier experience

2009 - 2010

initiative Sfex - Inter/Com : http://openfsm.net/projects/sfexintercom/project-home

stimulate emergence of one initiaitive group by forum  event ( hub of videochats ) orthematic mobilization  date (cluster of videochats)

prepare and gather participant on openfsm.net  each with their autonomous space

propose combination of free of charge decentralized easy access tools  skype and ustream to have three places if needed see technique in : http://openfsm.net/projects/tecnointercomfsm/project-home

foster exploration of free software tools


2009 : 5 rooms 30 vidfeo chats in belem  - 1 2 3 hours

in WSF2009", belem expanded facilitaiton group  which, in the frame of what Belem infrastructure allowed, supported the participants from Belem and outside belem to intercommunicate see on page report here : 

see  fsm2009 interconexoes  Belem expandida : fsm2009 interconexoes- Belém expandida  and http://openfsm.net/projects/club-belemexpanded/project-home



2008 : 40 moments of short interconnection

On occasion of GDA over 50 intercommunication by collective video chat took place, enabling “face to face” discussions between two groups of people from different part of the world.

see wwwLwsf2008.net  ? ( not working for now)