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For the newsletter and website of the GDA we worked with Babels network. It went well at the beginning, but in January only a few translators participated with continuity – which made the translation work harder and more time consuming.

 This essential function must be well thought out, with a process involving more actors and a permanent operational team working to ensure/stimulate the translation and dissemination of documentation in more than the 3-4 “official” languages of the IC.
 The workgroup should concentrate on finding the best methods to ensure the above.

hi - may be it is better for us to start while judith and gregoire are in mozambique !

point 8 in agenda

maputo dialogue

which are the linguistic needs, for comcom operation , ??

1 instant chat interpretation in comcom weekly chat ( on wednesdays 8pm europe time )

2 - having systematic transaltion of messages which are only in one language in all the comcom group mailing ists
see the list of lists here

3 - having some translation for the wiki pages of those

4 - an assessment has to be made reviewing


about in which groups this translation support might make more sense
since only some the group are active or have linguistic hetero geneity

5 - so HAVING A CHAT and reviewing those groups might make sense as a first action in this group
(anyweek day at 22pm europe is fine with me on skype - we need each other skype names )
when can we set a date ?

6- this support might be extended to comcom related projects

like the belem expanded facilitation group here :http://openfsm.net/projects/fsm2009interconexoes/project-home and the belem expanded common space

7- as a principle the members of the "comcom linguistic support" project - could step in the working groups of comcom needing translation support and accompany them as their "appointed group translators"

managing the synergies between all the group translators would be the project responsibilities - this scheme could grow from the present modest need and accomodate the growth of some of the comcom related groups

what do you think?

8- articulation is to be made also with the translation capacity of sao paulo office, which for instance translates the Bulletim (which is somehow drafted with input of comcom )

9 - for text inputs in this present group : the wiki page is indicated here : http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/directory

10 - this little mailing list and group is suited for a small group - it is possible to create later a wider operationnal group includind the members of the support project ( " comcom operation linguistic support" ? ) with its own autonomous space in openFSM

wiht greetings from

a current proposal is to develop an activity of chat interpretation with two chats one for discussion EN ES/PT and one for translation in the other language

this could be an input in an otherwise delicate situation ( see group translation interpretation ) created in abuja and "stalled " - becasue of the way the orientation to renewing with pre2005 interpretation practice was announced (see minutes of belem meeting about interpretation )