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Dynamique Extension FSM 2016 WSFEN - ES - FR 



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To confirm your willingness to be an extension volunteer 

Fill the volunteer form  after reading the present page 

Hello dear Alternaute

Want to get involved as a volunteer / volunteer as  the WSF 2016 event draws near, you have completed the Alternaut form on the WSF 2016 webiste  and that is why we, Extension  Support team WSF 2016,  can  write to you.

Living in Montreal and its region, or not,  Thinking to be in Montreal in August, or not ...

Here is a concrete proposal for volunteer action in WSF 2016, with many interpersonal relationship dimensions and communication via internet: integrate  WSF 2016 Extension Support Team

Extension dynamics  proposed around the world and throughout the year 2016, around the WSF event in August in Montreal, is about practicing various ways to actively participate in FSM2016 process, from where one lives and acts "for another world ", beyond economic barriers (cost and time of travel), and political boundaries (visa restriction)

It is presented herehttps://fsm2016.org/participer/hors-montreal/

This dynamic is taking shape, with more than 50 activities, located in 25 countries since early 2016  placed in the dynamics by dozens of organizations considering themselves to be  participants in the WSF process, and 1,000 people in 60 countries in welcome circles or in chat rooms associated with those 50 activities.

Here is the list of these activities, listed chronologically  by month         

Since early April, these activities "out of World Social Territory) can also be entered in the fsm2016 site, as well as those taking place during the WSF event  in August in Montreal. 

See I practical indications here: http://openfsm.net/projects/extensionfsm2016/extension15-assemblee-5mars-en - 1/  website -  2 and 3  facebook  & openfsm - 4/ circles -  5 / activities

In WSF 2016 extension support team  we need:

  • -10 To 30 process-volunteers " who  wish to get involved now, a few hours per week, at least 10 living in Montreal or region,
  • -40 To 80-event volunteers, at least 40-60 present in Montreal i  with involvement August 7 to 14 one week full-time with intensive contacts

ruraltunis.jpg P1200314.JPG . P1200315.JPG  

The same  teleconference activity, viewed from France and from  the telecentre in Tunisia in 2015 - it is an activity in two places at the same time


1 / A process-volunteer person can as of  now

  • Be present online "in a country" (The country can also be a region of Quebec, or a state of Canada)
  • Participate in the WSF 2016 welcome Circle  of  this country . (Circle list) This is a simple chat room proposed by the WSF 2016 collective where people interested in the WSF are exchanging information ( "how to participate ? ") intentions (" I intend to  do this ") announcements (" my organization invites you to an activity ")
  • Accompany, live or online, depending on the location of activities, the people in this circle who have placed or are annoucing to place in the extension dynamic  activities,  with (semi) public meeting format , that  they organize in their country, and cooperate with them to:
    • Promote their activity on the WSF 2016 website, and  wsf related Facebook groups  including extension dynamic FB group (link)
    • Welcome people who come in contact with them in the chat room associated with their activity before during and after it and
    • Establish if relevant, more immersive participation technical devices, such as video streaming, goig beyond chat and pictures scheme which is robust and simple, 
  • Interest new people in the country to come in the welcome circle, especially those coming by themselves or having been invited in activity rooms held in this country.  widening the circles will generate new activities that will broaden the circles etc ...
  • elargisst1.jpg                                                         P1200353.JPG

    Enlargement of an activity by + video chat                                                                    Televisit Tunis in Tunis in 2013 from Peru: the person" in the participating remotely watch and interact with video chat                                        the  computer" is conversing with people who speak                                                                                                                                                Spanish

2 / At the time of the event, from 7 to 14 August, the  process-volunteers co-manage event-volunteer teams.

2A /  list of task  of event-volunteers teams in Montreal are:

  • Training  in contact wiht  process-volunteer
  • Get in touch with people in the country welcome circle, that process-volunteer has accompanied (task 1 above ) and who did not come to Montreal, and offer interactive tele- visits  of the World Social Territory in Montreal ( between UQAM  and McGill) and informal meeting with  participants in Montreal  event via a WSF cafe  Montreal
  • Meet the people of a country or group of countries speaking the same language (English French Spanish Portuguese, Arabic ....) who come to Montreal for the WSF event  and whom  the process- volunteer "knows" already, and physically accompany their activities

For :

    • Supporting the enlargement on internet  of activities they organize, or  participate in iin Montreal, being "link-person / translator" in written chat  i, or being "camera-person"
    •  give Technical support for their teleconference with their country in which they participate
    • Make tele-visits with then in the World Social Territory for other people staying "back home"
  • Contribute to the operation of tele center in Montreal that hosts teleconferences, WSF Montreal café, and volunteers gathering room

2B / List of tasks of  event-volunteer  teams outside Montreal

  • Process-Volunteers who  are not present in Montreal can  recruit train and mentor local event-volunteers, and with them
  • Support directly or remotely teleconferencing, in coordination with other process-volunteers present in Montreal for the event
  • Suggest to local organizations or groups of their city to organize "WSF CAFE 2016" in their city, open during the event, and where you can participate remotely in activities and télévisites and etc.

The summary schedule of tasks  during the event in Montreal and  out of  Montreal 

  • August 7: preparation and team training
  • August 8: preparation and team training
  • August 9: Cover march -  télévisites in opening event - or WSF CAFE 2016
  •  August 10: enlargement of workshops and meetings, teleconferences, télévisits WSF cAFE 2016 and teleconference
  • August 11: enlargement of workshops and meetings, teleconferences, télévisits WSF cAFE 2016 and teleconference
  • August 12: enlargement of workshops and meetings, teleconferences, télévisits WSF cAFE 2016 and teleconference
  • August 13: Enlargement  of exchanges in the agora, tele-visits, link-person for initiatives having no representative in Montreal, video capsule for initiatives, covering the party  WSF Cafe 2016 and teleconference
  • August 14: enlargement  of initiative consolidations  meetings morning , enlagement of "Back to the Future event in the afternoonWSF café 2016 

B / Dimensions of extension volunteer profile

IMPORTANT One does not need to tick all boxes to become a volunteer ! and at the same time it is good to know which boxes you can tick so we now which skills and equipment are in the team 

  1. You are a person interested in international contacts,  contacts in general, group communication (WSF is a space for dialogue) and active user of the internet,
  2. You want to contribute to the promotion of activities for the WSF 2016 Montreal from the WSF participants worldwide
  3. You are ready to give time regularly before the WSF: at least 2 hours per week
  4. You are ready to contribute at least 4 days in the 7 expansion team in August 14 "full-time" in Montreal, opening time Cafe and teleconferences elsewhere
  5. You are interested in meeting people actively participating in the WSF (organizing activities in Montreal or in their country or initiatives promoter
  6. You can do a video streaming on the internet
  7. You type faster on the keyboard,
  8. You speak well two languages among french english and spanish,
  9. ,you can translate by written in language 2 essential of  what you hear in language 1  to  make it accessible to on line participant speaking only this other language 2
  10. You have in your small-volunteer event backpack a laptop or a smartphone ....
  11. You have in your little bag voluntary-event back a headset / micro, small speakers PC, an extension cord of 3 10 m giving you a better positioning battery life of your equipment where you will intervene (you never know how places are arranged
  12. You have a video projector "portable"
  13. You have a mobile internet package that allows you to connect anywhere
  14. You have the equipment and practice to take short videos and small pictures and put them online fast internET
  15.  you have a high quality microphone that can be connected to a computere
  16. othert

    To meet  in the next days the co-facilitators of the support team expansion

    •  write to  extension at fsm2016.org
    • Skype (prepafsm2016.extension)
    • Live local FSM Address:   5445 de Gaspé # 408, Montreal, QC, H2T 3B2, Canada
      • 20 am
      • 21 am local WSF in Montreal
      • 23 in the evening at the party in Montreal
      • 24 after noon local WSF in Montreal

    Other dates and information will be provided later

    To express willingness to   become  extension support volunteer > Complete the form

     ee the form text in 10 points 


    much of the extension support team Tunis in 2015 (link)