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   FFSLbanner3.JPG  For a better utility of the WSF events to the development of “social forums” initiatives

and for anti-globalization activists at all levels


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To sign this call : send an e-mail to : contact.reseau.ffsl@gmail.com


1. Participants (1) in the social forum in Ivry (near Paris France) have recently expressed this :

The Social Forum in Ivry has been, for 9 years, a continuous process punctuated by more or less prominent events. During this experience, we often found the following need : To know the experiences of prominent anti-globalization organizations around the world about some issue before us and to possibly make contact with them to let them know questions we have ; to consider more or less regular exchanges with them or, even, further cooperations.

We know that the organizations with which we would like thus make contact, have generally participated in one or more FSM with interesting debates that could enlighten us.

Therefore we looked at www.openfsm.net or on the websites of various WSF ....... Nothing or at best, a few general assemblies of convergence resolutions without real utility ; no trace of the participating organizations, nothing about the discussions that took place ...... ! What a pity ! What a waste ! And how, in these circumstances, let understand around us the usefulness of the WSF?

Hence the following proposition :

To organize on www.openfsm.net a location where you can easily find, compared to one of the themes that are commonly discussed in the FSM, the names and Internet addresses of organizations that have addressed this issue in a FSM and brief summaries of discussions they have done in it.

It seems that if we can not catch up with what has been lost, it’s easy to meet this need with the FSM to come.

Indeed, once a frame in openfsm prepared, it would be enough to ask each organizer of a workshop at a WSF to systematically fill, as soon as the end of the workshop, before leaving the room, a form on openfsm asking the theme of the workshop, the organizations that participated in the workshop with their internet addresses and their scope of work, and a very brief summary, 10 to 20 lines, of the emerging and most significant points in the discussions, and to send it with a simple clic...To complete this form certainly would not require more than a ¼ hour ......And if the ad hoc site was well designed, no one would have nothing more to do for a complete satisfaction of the need we have evoked at the beginning of this letter.

It seems to us that the effort to achieve this is negligible compared to the importance of the expected result.

This is why we ask the International Council to consider the proposal and invite organizations and individuals who wish to implement it in a sustainable manner.

Thank you in advance.”

(1) AGDF (Malian Solidarity Association Guidimara danka in France), ATTAC Ivry- Charenton- Vitry- Alford Group, CAPE of Ivry (youth organization) CIVCR (ivryen Collective vigilance against racism and help undocumented migrants), CLCV Ivry, Collective 3R (group of organizations fighting the waste), DFS (Malian Association of solidarity Give a smile to Fegui) Glob Radio, interregional Accion (fair trade association) Ivry without you (t) (association for the defense of people in an area under renovation), MIKA94 (Malian solidarity Association), Parfum d' Africa France (Central Association), Theatre Hamma Meliani

2. The ENABLERS, PARTICIPANTS and PROMOTERS in LOCAL SOCIAL FORUMS undersigned join in this request and join the participants in the social forum in Ivry to make the following remarks :

- This request is part of the supporting statement of the convergence assembly held after the WSF 2013 “For a permanent Assembly for convergence” proposing in point 2 "to promote the sharing of knowledge, experience and information," in particular, " by a contribution to improve the usefulness of the WSF website, including the creation of a database of organizations and participants of the WSF by theme, developing an updated mobilizations worldwide agenda and building a collection of practical experiences that can be widely shared. "

- For a serious consideration of this request and any other, meeting the same need, and a rapid implementation of a very simple tool, meeting it and accessible to all, it seems essential that an ad hoc team is assembled.

We ask the International Council to call for volunteers to build this team, which look for the useful working means.

- The 13 associations above participating in the forum social à Ivry sur Seine (France)

- Participants in the Forum social départemental des Alpes Maritimes

- Participants in the Forum Social Mondial en Provence

- Participants in the « Forum social de Nancy et des environs »

- Participants in the Forum Social de Charleroi (Belgium)

- Récit (Réseau des Ecoles de Citoyens), France

- Association UCJS (Urgence climatique justice sociale) Auvergne

- CITAS (Carrefour des Initiatives de Transition et des Actions Solidaires) de St. Brieuc

- La Maison de la citoyenneté Mondiale de Mulhouse

- Attac Var, animateur du Forum Social du Var

- Jakes Bortayrou member of the « comité d’animation du Forum Social Pays Basque 2002 2009 »

- Marie Eve Arbour, facilitator of the forum social bas-laurentien 2014 (Québec)

- Raphael Canet, member of the « comité de facilitation de l'Initiative pour un FSM au Québec en 2015 », and enabler of the « Forum social québécois »

- Axel Fricke Président of the « collectif Forum Social de Dôle »

- Mickaël Poiroux promoter of the Rural! Forum social et environnemental (France)

- Josette Combes promoter of f-fsl network and of the “FSM étendu à Toulouse”

- Jean-Michel Coulomb promoter of f-fsl network, alter-mondialist activist

- Jean-Guy Dufour, promoter of f-fsl network participant in the « forum social à Ivry »

- Martine Prins, facilitator of Local Social Forum in Rennes

- Julien Dussart, facilitator of Local Social Forum in Aubervilliers

- Bernadette Bouchard, facilitator of Local Social Forum in Nice

- Marie-France Bellet participant in Local Social Forum in Ivry

- Jacques Simon, facilitator of the FSM étendu Evry

- Josiane Vincensini, facilitator of the FSM étendu Lyon

- Laurence Boubet, Attac Macon and promoter of the « Fête Altermondialiste »

- Philippe Fournier, Attac Macon and promoter of the « Fête Altermondialiste »

- Rémi Daviau, facilitator of Local Social Forum in Orléans

- Carminda Mac Laurin, collective towards a FSM 2016 (QC)