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Hello all

I am so moved by all you have achieved, and also proud to have been a small part of it all. The two trainers who went to Erbil to train the Iraqi interpreters were amazed by the capacity the team developed during their week's training, and I am sure that the trainees rose to the occasion and did a wonderful job during the Forum.

It is so important that the Forum also builds a lasting movement and capacities, and that it goes from strength to strength, to create a healthy, peaceful society and struggle for full human rights, access to land and water and other Commons. May the light you have lit shine brightly and continue showing the world how another Iraq is possible!

In solidarity


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 Dear friends
  Hope this e mail finds you well. It was our pleasure, and privilege that you came to Baghdad to witness the launch of the first ISF activities. Your presence and solidarity with Iraqi peoples’ issues was an additional motivation to the activists of the ISF preparatory committee, secretarial, and volunteers who worked for months to organize this huge event that was able, with our limited resources to attract more than 170 activities that dealt with different issues of the Iraqi society, and the registration of 3000 participant.
  Yes, our Iraqi society is heading towards gathering the efforts into one solid unity, as a result of networking that took place during the forum between activists and organizations, to turn the page of scattered, unorganized civil activity, thus we feel like we are on the right track towards “Anther Iraq IS Possible”.
  We also thank our international friends, who couldn’t come to Baghdad for one reason or the other, who participated in solidarity activities with Iraqi people through a verity of activities that deeply enhanced the activists’ enthusiasm, and introduced the people of Iraq’s issues to the international public opinion.
  Once again, we thank you for the solidarity that you generously offered the Iraqi people by coming to Baghdad, or through the activities of the Extended Iraqi Social Forum. We wish that we have been successful in reflecting a good image of Iraq and its’ people.
  You all are welcome anytime to your Iraq

Ali Saheb
Iraqi Social Forum Coordinator
skype: ali_ros87


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