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Circulating information about SASF Extended in Bangladesh

from SASF Bangladesh Extension on Oct 26, 2011 06:56 AM
 Dear South Asia Social Forum participant from Bangladesh

You receive  this message from SASF extended team, part of SASF organizing
committee,   because *your organisation is registered in south asia social
forum* and visible here

Your organisation is coming to dhaka to participate face to face in SASF
event ,  and  some of its members are not coming,  and other local
organizations around you are not sending delegates, because they cannot
affort time or cost incurred

*There is a way to participate ACTIVELY in sasf  event and process ,  FROM
OUTSIDE DHAKA,  and to practice the social forum process in Bangladesh,
through LOCAL participatory activities registered in sasf website by groups
of 20-50 people,  with very  low costs incurred,  using their local
premises, IT equipment and internet connection*

*You can make this possibility known by CIRCULATING AROUND YOU *

*-*this  link to*  invitation to extended participation in SASF* ,  with
links to more details

-this link to how local activities can be stimulated from *Bangladesh *

- the link to  *SASF facebook group *

- link to some indications about *websites that can be used to support
distance communication  skype.com  ustream.tv livestream.com*

Greeting from sasf extended team

For any question:   sasfbd.extension@...

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