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Inputs noted in brown are for Dakar/wsf expanded

  • Inputs made in black are suggestions for other purposes ( methodology, post event, contacts between participants, link edition, )

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face to face dialogue                     in the street                                              distance encounter             participation in a distant activity    
participation in a distant activity    

Political and methodological Objectives aimed through registration module_________________

  1. Provide feeling of inclusion to both individuals and organizations ( collective body) inside process and its facilitation although Only organization can create activities and proposal/outcomes and assemblies
  2. Provide feeling of Political inclusion to individual participants in WSF process whether they are in Dakar or not

  3. Provide feeling of Political inclusion to organizations participants in WSF process whether they are in Dakar or not

  4. Give adequate Visibility for all : each organization (orgusers) , activity , assembly, outcome , person ( persusers), has a specific page in the wsf2011 site with a specific url

  5. Allow participants to Make visible relations between them between those pages(through editing links allowing navation between activities organisations persons assemblies outcomes)

  6. Foster horizontality in contacts , foster participatory characteristics of activities, foster use of other languages ( how?)

  7. Make interaction and contacts easy in the preparation phase ) for agglutination of partners in existing activities for merging activities,

    and for searching of partners for distance encounters and distance participation

  8. Make easier–merging of two activities in one (how to do it ?

  9. Give Clear distinction between “face to face activities- and “distance intercommunication activities” ( I-e distance encounters and distance participation in another activity) based on experience

  10. Collect the necessary logistical data for scheduling a great number of distance intercommunication activities, in same way as for face to face activity based on experience

  11. Give Clear option for extension of ones activity in order to allow distance participation to it based on experience

  12. Make visible participants organizations outcomes and proposals inside wsf process by offering organization to describe them, and organization and persons to endorse them( to be discussed)

  13. Make clear the conditions of Participation of organizations in the assembly process and conditions of endorsement of their outcomes( to be discussed)

  14. Include and make visible the post event and memory phase using the WSF program of activities as context by allowing organizations users and personal users to both report short text on their participation and their activities with links to other sites