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 collaborative space  commission extension 

"Tunis 2015 will have an« extended» format , in order to allow the broadest possible participation of persons and organisations who wish to participate in world social forum process , wherever they are in the planet "

 This page shows how this can be possible

  • Table with 9 cells below brings together different ways of extension of  the "World Social Forum event in 2015 centered in Tunis to provide access to the" right to participate in the WSF " locally close to home, or on the internet, or, for those who can make this trip, in Tunis El Manar campus
  • The classic centric forum  the  orange cell at the bottom left of the table, then in WSF 2009 Belem in Brazil we added the cell 2 (video conferences activities) and in the 2011 WSF in Dakar, we began to add cell 4, ( centric activities enlarged on the Internet), then in the WSF 2013 Tunis,we added the possibility of cell 3  (eg local activities France). For WSF 2015, cells 5 are added: WSF café ( WSF café Dakar ) see pictures below the table
  • the bottom line of the table is t the center in Tunis 
    top line of table is a "local" place anywhere in the world
    the left  and right columns of the table, in black: "ways of organizing" activities extended 2 3 4 5 
    top and bottom of the table in italics: "ways to participate" in red in the center in Tunis, locally in blue, in green on internet 

    The "center" forum (cell 1), and its Extensions (cells 2 3 4 5)

    Local participation -participation inTunis - participation on the Internet - self-organization - extension commission tasks

    Purpose of the extension: access to the "right to participate in the WSF" from where we live and act towards another possible world

    Participate in a local activity: proposed and facilitated by organizations in your city exchange (see program on the local fsm2015 site showing)

    Contact in advance by email or chat, come and participate in the activity on the internet if it is enlarged + direct video chat (4) view the extended program on the website fsm2015

    Come to the point WSF internet  Café in your city  

    O=Locally near where you live, Announce and organize an activity and register on the  fsm2015.org website as an activity  in" other" place than tunis

    3 Local Activity (face to face) 
    (as option :Dialogue with someone in Tunis, or comment a fresh video)

    4 Tele participation 
    from around the world (video and chat)

    5-Point WSF Cafe local (face to face)

    K=Organize and announce a WSF Café point in your city, as local activity 3

    O+V= Locally near where you live, Announce and organize a video conference with correspondents in Tunis R register on the  fsm2015.org website as an activity  in" other" place than tunis 

    2 Encounter Activity  
    " local <>
     El Manar
    ("collective Skype")

    4-Tele participation 
    from around the world
    (video and chat)

    5 - Common chat rooms on line of WSF Tunis

    from around the world
    (Video chat "skype" pad)
    contact skype account: "wsfcafefsm.tunis1"

    Want to register on the internet at cafe WSF Tunis(fill in the online questionnaire)

    O+E In Tunis announce and organize an activity in center of WSFregister on  fsm2015.org website as an activity  in" tunis"

    1 -Activity in Tunis El Manar

    (Face to face)

    The "centric" forum

    4 - Tele participation 
    from around the world (video and chat)

    5 -WSF Café Tunis
    (face to face)

    Spots extension committee: Inform and organize the reception at Tunis and on the website:Voluntary accompanying online and activity center 2, 5 rooms cafe, and support for enlargement 4

    Agglutination of activities 1 and  onvergence assemblies 

    Participate in an activity proposed by organizations

    in Tunis (1 -2)

    E= Announce in the descripiotn on the website and implement the enlargement on internet of activities or assemblies (made by its organizers or participants)

    Coming to the internet  WSF café space to Tunis to meet and inform people away from Tunis

    extension commission fsm2015 Contact: extension at fsm2015.org



      You can here make contact with the extension  commission extension wsf2015 

    >>>    answering 3 questions about your intentions of participation    <<<

    in the extended wsf 2015  :in tunis, locally, or on internet 


    activities  1 in face to face dialogue in the center of the WSF event

    ruraltunis.jpg P1200314.JPG.P1200315.JPG    
    activities 2 collective video conference between two or more groups one out of tunis  ( left ) the other in tunis el manar ( right) 

    daket-forum-local-aix.jpg-- daket-face-a-face.jpg

     local activities 3 anywhere in the world

    market-wef-2.JPG elargisst1.jpg-mexico2010-166.JPG  

    4  activities 1 2 3 enlarged en internet ( stream  video + chat)

    5 WSF café  s pot in connection with people in tunis

    details about roles O FI N P