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0 -  wefexpanded team is not just about "technique", and is a whole organizational scheme paying attention to the political significance of expanded live intercommunicaiton during the wef , and aiming to make this experience , for the participants willing to explore distance intercommunication a moment of  fulfilled expectations,  and not a moment of frustrated desires because of unsufficient care from our part ( our part = the wefexpanded team)  -

through previous experience  since 2008 in expanding events , in the working line inside communication commission of IC WSF , the key for succeeding in  this is anticipation and a solid organized team
such a team existed  in mexico, mixing volunteers and wef organziers and international volunteers with experience  ( see the photo here  in the front page ...)  and the situation was more simple i must say.. That is the reason  it is important to start now  for wef

Some things that can be done in the context of a first meeting of the team

1 - create adress of the wefexpandedteam, as a mailing list

2 - create a mail adress, embodying the wefexpanded team, to which wef participants can send a message, which then would be automatically forwarded to all members of the team ,  who  then can exchange on the wefexpanded working list  who answers and how ... it is easy to create a gmail adress for this,  but   a xxx@wef-palestine.org adress would look more "official"

3 - during the  meeting,  members of the wefexpanded team will be invited to be editors and co-admins of linguistic participation spaces ,  EN ES FR and Palestine , please forward their names and email adress and phones

4 - the palestine interlink extend encounter space , could be edited and properly translated in arabic

5 - the registration of epxanded activities should be ongoing after the deadline of 25th  - How can this be done may be through a regsitration made by site admins on behalf of late comers  -   for sure activities in mexico are still getting registered , and other activities in senegal and morocco and france will register,

6 -   i am surprised that  despite a 50 people delegation to palestine no expanded activites in canada Quebec is registered ( may be this requires a specific communication inside the alternative  network ,  and a specific mail to canadian activities organizers in palestine -- maybe this would require an intervention to explain the sense of expanded activities  to quebec contacts

same idea about south africa,in  the march seminar it was spoken of a large south africa delegation , but no expanded activity has been registered from this country 

7 - you will find here a proposal  to be discussed for a draft message to be sent by OC to mainly palestinian organisations, the people registered in wef website would also be iincluded   in the list here  ( see point 7)  along with the 130 organizations of Pngo .. ( i am not clear wether all
pngo members are participating in wef )

this type of message would be the first sent on the list in order to show that this list is part of the wef scheme ,

8 - also a similar message  but  directed to expanded activity organizers and  non palestine groups organizing  activities in palestine  could be drafted and  sent on the three linguistic lists

9 - the four linguistic list would also  include  the  organizations registered in the wef  who are listed here
the wef site admins     have access to their email and can sort them  in four groups and  we can put inside the four lists  (i can do it inasmuch  Marjon or whoever is in charge of the site can give me such an access?  otherwise will support who does it as a FIRST PRIORITY task)

A - palestine group ( all palestine groups + international organizers of activities in palestine + some people of the other 3 mailing lists , having a broad view of expanded - message should be in arabic and english on that list

B- french speaking group ( canada quebec morroco, france, senegal, )

C -english speaking group ( including UK , netherlands , germany, usa, india,  brazil , portugal, autralia, bangladesh

D- spanish speaking group ( mostly mexico at this point ) 

10 - clarify issues around use of commercial sites like skype and ustream , who allows self organization of streaming

11 - clarify the role of the wef expanded  team service vs info + training  in distance encounters,  and in distance participation , in SOA and COA  (see the overview