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Re: meeting in Dhaka august 5 via skype and livevideo

from Abu Rayhan Al-Beeroonee on Aug 03, 2011 09:08 AM
Wonderful and thank you

On 2 August 2011 20:08, <facilitfsm@...> wrote:

> Dear Fellows in SASF
> Greetings and wishes from SASF Secretariat
> .
> An important preparatory meeting for South Asia social forum event (18-22
> November ) will be held shortly in Dhaka on 05 August, 2011 ( 10am to 18am
> UTC +6h) with the participation of the representatives from all the South
> Asian countries.
> In accordance with the decisions of our January meet in Dhaka, we have been
> going ahead with necessary preparatory work at different levels.
> If you are participants in SASF process who cannot come physically to Dhaka
> , and are nevertheless interested to participate in this meeting, we have
> good news ! :
>  This SASF preparatory meeting in Dhaka is enlarged on internet in order to
> include you as remote participants from all over South Asia and abroad :
> -video stream from Dhaka : the meeting will be broadcasted in live video in
> English by Shatil
> -written chat to Dhaka : a permanent chat room moderated by Musfik or Masha
> and started before the meeting will allow comments and inputs from remote
> participants.
>  Please inform us of your intention to participate remotely in this meeting
> through internet by simply contacting, as of now, the skype user
> "sasfbd.extension",
> As soon as you have done this, Musfik or Masha will usher you in the
>  English speaking chat room called  “Preparation meeting Dhaka August 5th -
> south Asia Social Forum”.
> There you can interact with other remote participants before the meeting
> and during it , while viewing the live video of discussions in Dhaka , and
> you can make inputs that Musfik or Masha will voice during discussion rounds
> in the meeting.
>  This invitation  is also an occasion to announce that SASF intends be
>  inasmuch possible, an “extended” event, open and friendly to local and
> remote participation via collective use of internet , with the internet
> support and connectivity of the university venue in Dhaka , and the
> facilitation of an “extension committee”.
> Please contact us, the earlier the better : sasfbd.extension  on
> gmail.com if your organization or network intends to, or is interested by
> :
> - organize local SASF activities outside Dhaka during SASF days, or
> - organize enlargement on internet of its activities in SASF Dhaka (in the
> same way as for this august 5th meeting) , in order to allow remote
> participation from outside, or
> - organize “distance encounters” by videolink between your delegates in
> SASF Dhaka event, and local groups elsewhere ,
> Also visit the internet space for more information on extension of SASF
> event :
> http://openfsm.net/projects/sasf-bangladesh-extended
> On behalf of SASF Secretariat
> Muhammad Hilaluddin
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