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first 100 orgs in WSF2013 website

de parte de Equipe FSM Etendu en 07/11/2012 11:13

below is list of countries of the first 100 organisations registered as participants in wsf2013
participate also from where you live  this is an extended social forum
info on extension of WSF2013

REGISTER IN WSF2013 website 
Step by step indications
once in the site you can see the emails  and  start making preparatory and exploratory contacts towards organizing tele encounter activities  local <>local or tunis<->local y you do not go to tunis,  and set up  common activities if you go to tunis 

Afrique du Sud    1
Algérie    3
Allemagne    3
Angola    1
Argentine    1
Bangladesh    3
Belgique    1
Brésil    2
Burkina Faso    1
Canada    1
Chili    1
Egypte    1
États-Unis    1
France    20
Gabon    3
Inde    1
Italie    2
Jordanie    2
Kenya    1
Liban    1
Maroc    10
Maurice    1
Mexique    2
Népal    2
Pakistan    1
Sénégal    1
Somalie    1
Togo    4
Tunisie    27
Zambie    1 

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