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Proposal for the International Council of September 19, 2020


The sequence of meetings organized by the International Council is a success. Many thanks to the small group that took the initiative and ensured its follow-up. The International Council has demonstrated its ability to assert its presence and to play a facilitator's role. It has succeeded in widely inviting alterglobalist movements and networks. It has shown that the WSF remains a reference and still has a role to play. The WSF will have to be renewed taking into account the new situation and the ruptures that are taking place; it is in this perspective that the IC must be involved.


The meeting with the people active in the thematic and regional forums is crucial. It allows to appreciate the situation of the process and its vitality. It is one of the proposals that allows us to move in the direction of a request for a more active forum.


The proposal is to build since now a space for debate on the strategy of the movements. Let us propose to each thematic and regional forum to write and debate a five-page text (between three and ten pages).

This text could address the following questions:

a- The list of the movements participating in the forum (with their website and a contact email)

b- Some elements of analysis of the situation in the region or on the theme

c- The identification of mobilizations and programmed events

d- The definition of long-term alternative proposals

e- Proposals for the renewal of the World Social Forum


These texts will be circulated on the WSF list. They will now contribute to the political and strategic debate. They will be posted on a WSF site when this site will be set up. Movements that want to expose their strategy without going through a forum will also be able to do so.


The idea is to launch an open and non formalized debate around hypotheses that can be debated within the WSF and in the space of the International Council. This method will also help to share mobilizations and events. Notably the organization of a World Social Forum in 2021.  This proposal is complementary to other proposals to renew the WSF. In particular the debate that must be continued and organized on the nature and forms of the WSF (open WSF and/or action WSF).