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Virtual World Social Forum


Eventual Name: Another World Is Possible Trying to contribute to the rich and constructive discussion of the International Council I submit the following proposal:



A virtual event in January 2001 @1 in partnership with global actors.



Knowing our physical limitations and the short time we have until January 2001, the need to have an @2 attractive and easy to understand communication, it would be worth thinking about a @3 more concentrated, more focused, differentiated event but with great impact. The idea would be to present a @4 balance of our world from a social, economic, environmental and political point of view. In 2 or at most 3 days, we would present the State of the World in  @5 several thematic panels. With diagnostics and @6 proposals. @7 The themes could be those presented by Francine or others agreed with @8 our partners.

The panels should also @9 point out those responsible for the current State of the World.

@10 A report would build the documents with the diagnoses, responsibilities and proposals.


-Call for action

Following our Charter of Principles, which determines that our process should lead to action, @11 we would call for a global @12 mobilization denouncing those responsible for the current State of the World and in favor of @13 our proposals. @14 To present proposals is fundamental to show that Another World is Possible.@15 The basis of the mobilization should be the diagnoses, the responsibilities and the proposals presented in the panels. Mobilization based on @16 documents, diagnostics, data, pointing out those responsible and proposing solutions.


This methodology of mobilizations based on diagnostics, responsibilities and proposals could be @17 followed in thematic and local forums. Another Education is Possible; Another Brazil is Possible, etc.


I hope this proposal will enrich the debate.


Oded Grajew