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proposed by the Programming working Group from  WSF 2016 facilitation collective 

Montreal October 15, 2015

Dear (s) participant (s) in the WSF process, 


around-and-a-montreal-en.jpg  The dynamics of international preparation of WSF2016 process, centered in Montreal 9-14 August 2016, and extended worldwide (extension presentation) is being started with the following steps:

  1. Publication of  WSF 2016 concept note  during the open assembly held on August 29 with many remote participants through internet,
  2. Start of  self organizing process for self managed participation support committees in September, in Quebec and in other countries,
  3. starting of a consultation among members of organizations, open until the end of 2015, with the aim of identifying proactive participants and connecting them , informing them before the opening of the announcement of activities on the WSF 2016 websiste (see point 8 below)  
  4. International seminar on thematic axes for  WSF 2016, 1-2 October in Montreal,
  5. open assembly October 3 morning (invitation to participate remotely)
  6. Pre-registration of individuals and organizations on the website in November 2016,
  7. Open assembly meting in November / December
  8. opening of announcements for WSF2016 activities, sets of activity, and initiatives on the  WSF 2016 websitein early 2016,

    We invite you to include yourself in this dynamic as of now, by participating in an online consultation. It is about:


    The various "forms of participation" addressed in this consultation   are proposed by our Montreal facilitation Collective to make the WSF 2016 "open space  for intercommunication"  more inclusive and inviting for organizations located around the world, who wish to grow convergences towards concrete initiatives.

    around-and-a-montreal-en.jpg This consultation is for you an opportunity to:

    • better identify and understand the proposed forms of participation
    • make contact with the Montreal  facilitation collective, mainly Programming and mobilization work groups,  and with others organization members having also participated in the consultation
    • start exchanges in your organization about  the preparation of its participation in WSF 2016
    • consider the perspective of a set of activities bringing together organizations around a shared purpose, of an initiative promotion group , self organized forms of participation in which your organization and / or yourself  could take part
    • consider initiating, or getting included in, a local participation support committee, a way for your organization and yourself to contribute to the mobilization and facilitation of WSF 2016 process in your geographic or thematic "region"

    around-and-a-montreal-en.jpg The 10 sections of this consultation include: (the word "your" here means "your organization")

    • 1 / your presence in the World Social Territory 9-14 August 2016 in Montreal  -
    • 2 / your local activities in your area, outside the World Social Territory in june- august 2016 (extension presentation)
    • 3 / your potential contribution to a  WSF 2016 participation support committee  in your region -
    • 4 / your intention to develop remote participation via internet in your activities  (extension presentation)
    • 5 / your intention to promote in this WSF an initiative ( action, resistance, alternatives, project ...). that you are developping or wish to develop in the " public space" of your cuntry/region, alone or with other organizations
    • 6 / your intention to co-organize  an assembly in WSF2016
    • 7 / your intention to co-facilitate a self-organised set of activities in the WSF 2016, around a common  purpose, shared with other organizations -
    • 8 / Your participation in the follow phase of the WSF 2016 spanning August-December 2016, and focused on documenting activities and consolidating initiatives
    • 9 / you  views and proposals on the thematic axes of the WSF 2016 (responses received before September 28 will be considered in the seminar in Montreal on 1 and 2 October, 2015)
    • 10 / your intentions to get included starting in 2015  in the preparation dynamics of WSF 2016, and  contribute by preparing participation, or by "facilitating" to the relevance and quality  of the WSF 2016 process

    Upon receipt of your reply, we will contact you according to the interests and intentions you have expressed

    >>> Here is the link to this online consultation 2 (test)<<<

    around-and-a-montreal-en.jpg  Practical iNDICATIONS

    • Filling out the form takes about 20 min. when simply answering  the 10 key questions
    • However, we suggest you take the time to consider the optional questions on those of 10 topics that interest you,  and describe briefly your intentions and comments
    • At the end of the consultation, you are asked if you're okay with your Answers   being  visible on the Internet (without your family name and email)

    Our hope is that this consultation be an opportunity to envision more concretely how your organization can best achieve its goals of participation in the WSF 2016, using some of the forms of participation proposed.

    we will put you in touch, if you agree to it  with other people who participated in the consultation, and we will provide additional information and guidance on the forms of participation. Mobilization work group will be more involved with local participation support committees

    Hope to discover your participation in this consultation,

    See you soon !

    WSF 2016 Programming Group