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 Trade Union Leaders of Bangladesh: Online Conference between OSAKA social forum & Bangladesh Garments Trade Unions.



1st year class room, Department of Pharmacy, Mokarram Vobon, University of Dhaka.




Link to Video 01.: part 1 h10

Link to Video 02: part 2 40mn



sasf bd extension says: hello

osakasf.extension says: Hello

sasf bd extension says: also please request contact with attac kansai

osakasf.extension says: attac kansai has been added

ykitahata says: At this moment, Mr. Yamashita, the technical staff, is not available on line.  He will come to the venue at around 17:30 (JPT), which is 14:30 BGT. He will make all arrangement immediatry after that.

sasf bd extension says: ok we requested contact with attac kansai from osakasf.extension

Hello, Attac Kansai, welcome to the event, the program is going to begin soon.

There are ten participants in the program, the formal inauguration is holding now

osakasf.extension says: Tsutomu Teramoto is inaugurating the event.

The participants are:

1. Khorshed Alam, executive director, AMRF Society

2.Delowar Hossain

3. Ms. Nazma Akhter

 4. Mr. Sirajul Islam

 5. Salauddin Shapon

6. Ms. Nehar

7. Rokon Uddin

osakasf.extension says: Participants are introducing themselves

Sirajul Islam attended various programs of World social forums in other countries

 Nazma Akhter she has been working as an activist from 11 years old

She worked on different labor rights

Mr. Delowar is the President of National Garments Workers Employees Federation

Mr. Delowar is working for working people in various sectors

Now Khorshed Alam is talking about his organization, i.e. AMRF Society

Lima Ferdous has just been joined as participants

Ms. Shamima Nasrin has also attended the event just now

sasf bd extension says: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/osakasf-extension

osakasf.extension says: Ms. Nehar is working as a translator for the participants

 Delowar Hossain is saying that: There are about 3 million people working in garments sectors. There is potential possibility to increase the numbers of garments in Bangladesh .There are various risks involved with the workers but the risks are reducing in recent years

Nazma Akhter: Their efforts are bringing benefits for the garments workers very well.

Salauddin Shapan is saying that, he has been working for 19 years.  The rights for the garments were not recognized. They were deprived from their rights. He has been working to uphold workers rights.

Sirajul Islam: He demanded the amendment of present labor law to protect workers’ rights.

Nazma Akhter: She hopes to achieve her desired goals.

Delowar Hossain: He got facilitation from various forums around the world. He hopes there will be a vibrant voice of people from other worlds other countries*. We arranged here think that World Social Forum will act to facilitate in raising their voices. If deprived people around the world can have a platform to raise their voice, it will bring effective results. We want to do it united.

 Mr. Teramoto: What are the problems workers in Bangladesh face?  In implementing labor law, the govt. is not very much successful. There are various obstacles. Therefore, people raise the voice - another world is possible. Working people around the world raise their slogans frequently. Then how is this possible? It will be possible only by an effective network and a collective voice to pressurize the authority

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Mr. Delowar Hossain: Bangladesh is a densely populated country. Poor women are getting the opportunity to get a job due to garments sectors. About 2.3 million women are working in these sectors. There are not merely problems of legal, but also there are social problems too

 sasf bd extension says: hello your are kindly invited to follow a conversation about garment sector workers.

Please see http://www.ustream.tv/channel/osakasf-extension

 This is a streaming going live from south asia social forum

Mr. Khorshed Alam: They conduct campaigns in various places to reach different groups

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: hi, yes i am here from Australia.

Mr. Khorshed Alam: Garments workers have been working hard even though various acute obstacls

sasf bd extension says:

kamrul you can click on te link http://www.ustream.tv/channel/osakasf-extension

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: Garment Worker in Bangladesh is having sub humane life there this need to address  by all.

sasf bd extension says: if you have inputs to make - we will convey them inasmiuch it is possible ./relevant .

if it is not look  after there   will out burst which has  happned few time in BD

sasf bd extension says: are you seeing the people speaking  - garment union leaders


 Mr. Khorshed: The implementers are ultimately the primary beneficiaries of the RMG. It's historical precedent that, we need time to reform/ improve the situation.

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: shooting, putting in to Jail will resolve the problem we need big   reform here

taking side of the owner  will  resolve the  problem must  take positive  steps  to resolve

osakasf.extension says:

Mr. Khorshed: The problems are the women working in RMG sectors are mostly illiterate, they are migrants, and they are also leaving their families far away I can there any   voice of Mr khorshed.

These problems are now reducing, social values are changing about RMG workers.

osakasf.extension says: There are various campaign programs presently working to raise awareness about workers rights.

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: yes

sasf bd extension says: how is the sound kamrul ? Generally ok except for Mr Morshed ?

 Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: they r good numbers. And   they can colaps the Norman production

[11/19/2011 1:59:20 AM] Kamrul Ahsan Khan says:  if there r not look after and basic needs r not  full filed there  will  serious  unrest no sound at all

osakasf.extension says:

Mr. Khorshed: The fields we need to push are: to comply with the international agreements, amend laws, aware workers, and influence social values, to draw the govt. to emphasis on this sector

 Kamrul Ahsan Khan says:    who is speaking now ?

sasf bd extension says: please kamrul do not call... this is disturbing

osakasf.extension says: Mr. Khorshed Alom is speaking now

 Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: ok. Can’t listen anything now. Possibly he needs to accept

 sasf bd extension says: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/osakasf-extension this is not skype

This is live streaming from Dhaka.  We are using Skype only for the written chat with you.

 Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: going there.


osakasf.extension says:

Mr. Khorshed: He is demanding the to upbring the wage of workers

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: thanks

 osakasf.extension says:

Mr. Khorshed: The recent problems are sexual harassments as well

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says:   can I  talk there?

osakasf.extension says:

Mr. Khorshed: He hopes to conduct campaigns to promote citizens awareness along with all the NGOs, Civil Society, general people and all other stakeholders

 Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: yes. Important issue.

osakasf.extension says:

 Ms. Nazma Akhter: The economic growth is improving in Bangladesh due to the labor of workers

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: no  govt  will not   be  stable  if they  r not  taken  care .pls  communicate

osakasf.extension says:

Ms. Nazma: But workers are not properly valued.

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says:     she is right.

osakasf.extension says:

Ms. Nazma: The developed world is the main buyer of our garments product. The recent inflation is making the cost of living very difficult.

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: very much most of the profit  guest to  owner

Ms. Nazma: Corporate-social responsibilty is here but it's for merely eye-wash

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: it is not  shared   with  workers  owner used   people’s money and   they  keep most  of the profit

Ms. Nazma: all these points need to be considered to promote workers right

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: yes very much this has been issue  for long time if the living standard of the workers reduced, it will cause problems for their families and generations onward as a whole but  govt an dother  grps  r  tricky in the   respect  TU  leaders r been   harrased  when  support  workers  support

osakasf.extension says: Mr. Teramoto: Workers movement was significant to increase solidarity in Japan. Japanese workers also faced the problems that Bangladeshi workers are facing now

 Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: kamrulk@gmail.com

 Mr. Teramoto: Japanese workers had worked hard to uphold their own rights. However, there are problems faced by japanese workers still now.

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: ok in Australia  it is  the  same

particularly  when  world    has    lost the power balance

osakasf.extension says: Mr. Teramoto: Companies is founding their factories both in Korea as well as Japan. In most cases, garments workers are female.

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says:  who is speaking now/

osakasf.extension says: Mr. Teramoto: In recent years, Japanese companies have shifted their factories

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says:  for cheap labor .may I know who is   writing now for the grp.

 Teramoto: Japanese people are considering some of labor movements support Korean and Chinese workers

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: ok.

osakasf.extension says: Mr. Rokon Uddin is here, writing now

 osakasf.extension says: The translation for the participants is going on

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: thanks. Did my register my joining from Australia. Please let other know I am here from Australia.i was former studnet activist and youth activist

The participants were informed that there are people hearing them from Australia, Japan, and around the world.

osakasf.extension says: Mr. Teramoto: Japan is not responsible for fierce in other country's garment sector

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: ok

 Mr. Teramoto: Japanese companies are not owner of the factories

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: yes but   they must alos look after interest of    workers

So owner  take care

osakasf.extension says: Translation is going on sound is low

sasaf 2011 BD deserves thanks

osakasf.extension says: its our luck i mean its our good luck that we are participated in this programme

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: yes very much. we need to    something  substantial

osakasf.extension says: if the workers right is implemented than it will be possible to change the world

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says:  yes very much justice needed.:  if  poverty and   disparity is reduce the   conflict  will b  reduced disparity , exploitation  triger the  conflict history says that true mr ROKON ?we should made atrade union yes. where 85% people are women....they dont have any day care center.  there is    but  they r  some   purchaged  by   rich people and there is also  tortured on the  worker and  TU  leaders.

osakasf.extension says: those buyer pressured us to do work

osakasf.extension says: but they dont noltice about our food security

osakasf.extension says: there are less facilities in the garments low wages...low living standard

MNC's only seeks the profit they dont notice garments workers facilities but nowadays the prevailing condition is changing a lit but in number  in the whole world those follow trade union they have also needed security for this reason global campaign is needed through this global campaign we can change our luck now a break is going on

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: ok.

kamrul khan  form Australia  , Canberra sorry kamrul im not here as break is going on the skype ID of Rokon is --rokon.justice

osakasf.extension says: good evening ....Nazma is talking now

 Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: ok she is talking about her personal working experience with another japanese member. Thanks teramoto is also talking

osakasf.extension says: kitahata is talking from Japan with Nazma.  They both are sharing their views and ideas about garments workers. I am lost can   u support   to link me again so I can here

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says:  thanks.Nazma is talikng about security  of ther garments workers what u have lost I couldnt understand conversation what  was on send me the link. so I  can  listen and hear  the  discussion um sending the link.ok.sure thanks

osakasf.extension says: mr pierree is sending u the link,http://www.ustream.tv/channel/osakasf-extension   .have u found the link??salehuddin is now sharing his views about the workers rights.[11/19/2011 3:22:38 AM] osakasf.extension says: salauddin shopon is sharing his views about his views.he said that main problem of workers is that the lenghty procedures.they have to follow the registration procedures.kamrul have u seen them...or their conversation??another prob is that when the labour is resigned from job..they have no legal practices of legal court.the labour law should be established as soon as possible.added pierre-grg to this chat.informal actors number is increasing day by day.this is Shirajul islam roni.the daily basic workers numbers is increasing day by day. they have lower wages.they are working with daily basis paiding system. kitahata is responding the questions of roni.those who r working domestic works they r also working as a daily basis works.they are actually irregular paid basis workers.good evening,from delwar hossain.kitahata is asking a question to delwar hossain.there are lots of prb in our country said by delwar hossain to kitahata. is there same prob as BD in Japan about the garments workers??kitahata is giving the ans of delwar hossains questionsthey said that in their country 40% peoeple are also deprived from facilitiesthey have also same prb like BD and it is 40%.Neema Ferdous is talking now.her ques is-does How Japan's trade union help BD's 11/how can we get helps from Japanese trade union?how can BD's labour can improve their condition?kitahata is reponding the ques of neema ferdous.

 Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: no voice or photos diruptionsu r not seeing any photososakasf.extension says: ????or not earing any voice hearing u can follow the ustream link. Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: yes  I  am  there too.www.ustream.tv/broadcaster/9747794,u can follow this link.their main theme is that about the labour exploitation...factory should be expanded. r u able to follow this link??http://www.ustream.tv/channel/osakasf-extension.this is the link. salauddin shopon : we get the important ideas by talking with u.MNC has the role to protect the rights of the workers.all r appreciating to all.sasf bd extension added ali731981, Susan Glibly to this chat.they give a big hand to all.

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: thanks  to all  as well

osakasf.extension says: thanks to u.take care.bye bye for now

dhakaosakaspeak.JPG  video chatting in the computer with osaka

ykitahata says: Thank you for all friends.  We are satisfied with the success of our session.  Around forty people attended.  We were glad to meet so many union leaders and talked with them directly.  We were very sorry about the time restriction.  But we are sure this was a good starting point.  We want to continue discussion and think about some concrete and constant relation with all of you.

sasf bd extension says:  many thanks for your appraisal

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: same to you.it would   have been much  better if  we have  ipinion expressed  form  overseas.we have  only  listen.it was interactive  who  was in Dhaka.but   people  we join from  overseas has  onl9  join as  observer

sasf bd extension says: well next time will be better .... preparation is alwas the delicate phase - the team is learning

Kamrul Ahsan Khan says: grt

mohon.kumar.mondal says: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ifsn-extension