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To  "extended social forum facilitators"  ;-)

Dakar extended, in which all of you or nearly so have participated /contributed, is now in the documentation phase, which will last around two more months ;



This documentation phase will end the “2009-2011 : belem – 2010- Dakar” two year cycle of development of social forum extended initiative  stimulated by IC communication commission , with highlights in Mexico and Palestine


During this period, Extended social forum  experience,  promoted by Sfex initiative, has grown, and the Extended social forum concept has grown also in acceptance and visibility. It may be time now that sfex intiative  be assumed collectively by an experienced group,  in connection  to IC WSF communication commission.

Elements on Sfex initiative ( Social Forum Extended )

Sfex initiative aims at supporting and developing distance intercommunication between groups inside wsf process ( which implies some frame given by wsf charter of principles and guide for organizing wsf events )  and it is not orienting the contents of what is intercommunicated between those autonomous actors

Sfex initiative  is not currently  meant to become a "standard" organisation , rather a robust contributive network of people having a common project of developping distance intercommunication inside wsf process.and beyond their direct personal /organization interests 

Of course, Sfex initiative may not  pretend to have an exclusivity in doing this, however it will try to maintain its "generic" character as a "service initiative backed up by IC /IC comcom"  as long as relevant /possible/useful , considering the expansion of WSFprocess and the fact that level of familiarity with distance intercommuniation techniques inside wsf process, will be increasing

Some groups active in sfex can, along the way,  create associations / entities which will be contributing  to social forum extended as  a part of their vision and scope

Sfex intiative would stay in contact with those entities as their appear and propose them  policies  for intercommunication facilitation, in conjunction with IC comcom ,  and would also focus efforts on  new geographical or social areas or on common usage projects going  beyond the capacity /legitimacy of one particular entities mentionned above, ( such as , for instance, welcoming on line participants in a global extended forum period worldwide or maintaining an extended social forum  website ).

A new cycle

Another period of two years 2011 2013  opens until the next wsf , (wherever it will be located),  and some social forum events  will  be landmarks in the sfex process development , counting with SouthAsiaSF in Dhaka  ( bangladesh) in November 18-21 2011 then local social forum week in 2012  ( one dakar assembly)

 Also possibly Rio+20 in brazil and many other events appearing in the next  WSF two year calendar , inasmuch there is a local organizing body “willing to extend itself” , ( past experience shows this is not self evident, principally because it is not easy to find  local experienced /motivated facilitators for preparing an extension ) see http://openfsm.net/projects/sfexintercom/sfex-2010-event-list

Sfex initiative can now be  entering a new phase of extension and consolidation . Sfex is one of the projects  supported  by IC WSF comcom,  and forms and ways to make it grow in coherence with WSF facilitation culture and principles  are being explored

This requires a " proactive and productive”  sfex facilitation group,well included in wsf process at large

Sfex agenda

Main proposed points of Agenda of sfex initiative are :

1-Stimulate  distance participation  both  local- local and local-event( the latter being  easier for a first participation) , and distance inclusion in the wsf process, at a growing scale ( in terms of number of groups involved)

2-  Consolidate a growing directory of groups having distance participation interest /ability/ experience,  and provide these groups with some means for staying in potential contact   for distance intercommunication with other such groups at their own will and pace

3- Explore and  consolidate practices methods and tools ( both intercom tools and  websites)   supporting extended social forum , both in its local to local permanent form and in local to extended event form, in conjunction with the event websites

Sfex Facilitation group

Scope of this facilitating group is focused and defining  policies and implementing plan of action in the global sfex  initiative  and  on finding and administering main resources /tools


A  starting composition of facilitators group for  worldwide sfex is proposed here


Sfex facilit group is principally open to new participants untill governance  limit is perceived as  reached  .

Criteria for proposing names in this group are proposed as follows :   identifying with wsf process , speaking "reasonnable" english if possible,  if possible being in contact with an organization active in wsf process,  and having showninterest capacity   on a day to day volunteer basis,  to promote support distance intercommunication within social forum process beyond one’s own organization , in its various aspects ( communication, outreach and support, website, intercom techniques, )

Proposed starting participants, for this first sketched list,  are  from countries place where some extended social forum practice has been developped ( in  some coutrnies there are 3/4 people , in others ,only one or two person for the moment )

Countries present are  BanglaDesh,  Brasil, France, Germany, Mexico , Palestine, Senegal, Ukraine, Zambia,

Proposed working languages are English, and secondarily  Spanish French Portuguese

SFEX facilitating groups by language

Facilitating groups by language  ES EN PT RU DE FR AR appeared  on occasion of Dakar extended , most are still a gathering of persons an not yet operating as a group, some are limited to  one or two person.


(see the facilitating mailing list in each of these spaces

Participants in this group sfex facilit are invited to impulse these facilitating groups by linguistic zone,  beyond their own country , along a realistic agenda to be defined in each case .

Sfex facilit group will be acting as an international  facilitating body  supporting sfex initiative development  in relation with IC comcom  and IC at large, and in cooperation  with the event organizing committees willing to extend ( starting with Bangladesh .... )

These committees will put in place specific comittees, as was done in mexico, and in dakar, to welcome and support extended participation in their event

Starting Online meeting : next Tuesday march 1st 1730 GMT on skype

We can have a online chat meeting soon  let us say next week on Tuesday march 1st  evening    17h30 GMT  -

it could be  then happening  twice a month if there is agreement about this

( a sfex facilit skype  chat room is being created with invitation of people present in the  sfex-facilit@lists.openfsm.net list )

More or less:  1230pm mexico  1530 brazil  1730 senegal  18 30 w europe  23.30pm bangladesh) ( pls check time difference !)

Meeting tentative agenda :    introducing ourselves , our experience , and our views on the sfex idea /project , how it is included in wsf process, and which actions are relevant  in the coming months

Interaction on the mailing list :<sfex-facilit + lists.openfsm.net>,   

What you can do  up to tuesday march 1st

>> if you prefer to opt out of this group or propose sombebody else,  or  If you feel other people should be included at this point,  or further along the way , please tell  on the list

>> you are welcome to share some  views  on the list, on what is described in this text  and other issues you relate to sfex intiative   

>> please tell on the list about your confirmed attendance to next online meeting