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logofsm2010.jpg "WSF Calendar" includes several types of events

This page is proposing categories of events that are mentionned in the WSF calendar  ( see also bottom of  "WSF Calendar"  page)

This working group will cense all forums it has knowledge about, and try to give a scale in agreement with their organizers - order to be listed

in the calendar events need to have a website page in , or to be confirmed by an IC member organisation


Size of events  considered in the calendar  is "big enough  so organizers have to tackle the" diversity"  of participants and  organizers" - and succeed in building an openspace where participants will feel "comfortable" 

1 -  " social forum event" 

Social forum event is gathering mutliple activities in one place and time , the number of activities increases with the scale of the event ( local national regional continental thematic world )

Activity organizers adhere to WSF charter of principles and event organizers are inspired by guiding principles for organizing events

example : case of fst 2012 porto alegre,  foro de foros 2012 galicia


2 - "activity/seminar /conference publicly located inside wsf process by their organizers" 

there is one program designed by a team of organizers, who adhere to WSF charter of principles - This is not a social forum , and can be compared to a big activity in a social forum event, prepared by a group of organizations.

example : case of "zagreb subversive forum"

It is advised that this "location inside world social forum process" be announced to the event participants by the organizers with an explicit and pedagogic wording

it may be relevant to distinguish dialogic activities that are in general in closed premises ( seminar conference workshop film festival ..) , and public space actions ( a demonstration , a street action, a dialogic assembly)



3 - "events having active participants involved in wsf process",

where some organizations participating to wsf process are among the active organizers , although the event itself is not regulated by wsf charter of principles

example : case of G20 counter summit, or Rio +20  etc...

organizers of the event, or organizers of activities  that are also participating in wsf process can be listed , and this shows the connection

there is no precise limit  of intensity : as long as there are several participants an event can be listed in this category

event should be big enough, should pertain to international agenda


4 - "international dates""

these dates  of campaign and mobilization may have been announced in some of the assemblies in wsf2011,or by widely known movements and actors -  there is no formal connection to wsf , unless some activities  done on that occasion are located by their organizers inside wsf process ( case 2)

case of international  indignant day October 15th 2011


notes :
  events categories  in a wsf process schematic view