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INITIATIVE Stimulate international contribution in WSF Migrations 2018 Mexico EN - ES - FR

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Title: Campaign to stimulate access and international contribution by articulating resistance struggles in view of the 8th World Social Forum on Migration (WSF of Migration) 2018 in Mexico.

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For what? The Campaign will promote from the space of the WSF in Salvador de Bahía (March 13-17, 2018), the articulation between the mobilizations of resistance struggles at the global level, towards the construction of the 8th WSF of the Migrations to be developed in Mexico (November 2018).


   Complement the Mexican national dynamics towards the 8th WSF of the Migrations, through the elaboration of a cartography of organizations, activists and defenders of Human Rights of the international migrant community.

   To develop the experience of intercommunication at a distance among participants, summoning the diaspora of the WSFM to reinforce its global character, having as its guiding principle migrations and their active resistance struggles, understanding their impact and reach with other social resistances.

   Promote the 8th WSFM 2018 Mexico as a meeting place for unity in the diversity of recognition among people, collectives and movements to make visible, strengthen and articulate different groups and anti-systemic struggles linked to their being and feeling of migration.


During and after the WSF of Salvador de Bahía, international events will be organized, inviting openly resistance movements to build the 8th WSF of Migrations in Mexico. These events will be included in the Migrations WSF calendar and may be local, regional, national and international actions, with the active participation of the migrant and pro-migrant community of the different nations of origin, transit, destination and return.



   In progress

The National Facilitator Committee meets regularly in open meetings and is scheduled every second Friday of the month to coordinate work towards the construction of the 8th Migration WSF in November 2018, making participation more and more widespread and inviting both migrants as to pro-migrant organizations and people around the world.

A participatory process is currently open through popular consultation, for the construction of the central motto of the 8th WSFW 2018 Mexico, among the people who have participated in the National Facilitation Committee and making a wide diffusion among people, organizations and networks of different parts of the world. This, with the firm purpose of building the consensus of this initial thematic universe, in terms of a vision and a common practice in the mediate future, before the systemic offensive unleashed against human mobility.

At the same time, a national and international cartography is being prepared, for which, in parallel, this initiative proposes a detailed elaboration of resistance assemblies, active movements, activists and human rights defenders with the participation of organizations and active movements of all the world, assistants to the WSF in Salvador, with the aim of initiating the processes of linking the greatest number of these resistance struggles to converge in the 8th WSF of the Migrations.

On the way to the 8th WSF of the Migrations, there are mechanisms and communication systems of the national facilitating group in Mexico, which communicates permanently via whatsapp, as well as by other electronic means and social networks, including the electronic page fsmm2018.org that has permanent and personalized chat rooms.

   Start of March

In March, the national facilitation committee in Mexico, through an open and broad call, will begin the scheduling of regional or thematic activities towards the 8th WSFW. The activities are self-managed and will be open to the participation of people of different nationalities and organizations and networks of Mexico and other parts of the world.

http://openfsm.net/projects/mexico-y-fsm/mexicoyfsm-act461-asamblea-de-calendarizacion-hacia-fsmm2018  the chat rooms are accessible through this link



   During the WSF of Salvador de Bahía

An activity in WSF, open to the participation of other parts of the world, which will be part of this effort, with a particular focus on the dynamics of participation in Brazil, headquarters of the last WSF of the Migrations and a call from the Mexican national committee explaining this initiative


see the contact room hispanolusofono inisa7  https://chat.whatsapp.com/25KudJBGZYNJIDPRveaOrD.


   Second half of 2018

It is planned to call regional and / or thematic mobilizations at the national and international level to promote the active participation of the migrant community as speakers of the global problem.

In at least some of them will be of a "pre-forum" type, with a diverse face-to-face program and attendance, the national committee will plan the particular logistical effort to allow international organizations to organize activities of various types with connectivity and interpretation support and schedules to allow exchanges with Mexican organizations and promotion of themes and initiatives promoted from other continents.

This will be a logistical and political preparation of the inclusion of remote participants in the Migration WSF.

It is expected that this will stimulate the global scheduling of decentralized active participations after the WSF of Bahia and towards the 8th WSF of the Migrations.


   During the 8th WSFW

With the learning of stages 1 and 2, the national committee intends to prepare a particularly connected and inclusive FSMM2018 for remote participants, collecting in a "fsmm2018 future calendar" an image of ongoing initiatives among participants fsmm, updated on the website during a period of time




TThe National Facilitation Committee in Mexico is a confluence space of various organizations of migrants, activists, academics, indigenous, led by the Technical Secretariat integrated by the International Network of Migrants, Refugees and Displaced Persons (MIREDES International) and the International Network of Migration and Development (RIMD). The two networks are members of the International Committee of the World Social Forum of Migrations (WSFW) that act under that mandate received by the plenary meeting of the 7th WSFM on July 10, 2016 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

The National Facilitating Committee has made 7 preparatory meetings so far and has been promoting solidarity actions in other countries of the world with pre-promotion forums and with social organizations that are part of the public debates with cross-cutting issues through virtual intercommunication via Internet. At present, networks of organizations from Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and from different US cities, as well as Africa, China, Italy and Palestine are actively participating. 

List of members of the Mexican National Committee 

MIREDES International (International Network of Migrants Refugees, and Displaced Persons), RIMD (International Network of Migration and Development); and other at least 40 organizations and collectives forming the national promoter committee FSMM2018 active part as facilitator committee throughout the Mexican Republic. 

This initiative is co-driven with the work of international promotion by the following organizations: 

APMM (Asia Pacific); ALER (Ecuador): Carovane Migranti (Italy / Maghreb); Space Without Borders (Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay); Katalizo (Canada / Global); MIREDES International; (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, USA, Mexico); Palestinian Stop the Wall Campaign (Palestine / Global) PIDHDD (Ecuador); Pastoral Service of Migrants SPM, (Brazil); acting in accordance with the purposes entrusted by the International Committee of the WSF of Migrations for the construction of stages of sharing and globally joining the process of # FSMM2018México that includes the actions of: "migrate to another possible world" through resist, build and transform.


The initiative may include as supporters international networks in various ways that of course commit themselves to:

1. respond proactively to the invitation to participate remotely in preparatory events organized in Mexico;

2. To stimulate preparation and action processes with similar scheduling in their respective countries using the ocasion of the 8th WSF of Migrations, as a means of articulation between participating organizations.

3. To stimulate remote participation processes at fsmm2018 in Mexico by more entities in their country and be part of the methodologic-logistical GT of remote participation and scheduling at fsmm2018, with the aim of making visible a wide range of initiatives with little participation in person in Mexico

Value and have a working group to accompany and replicate it in several countries in particular where there are members of the international committee FSM of Migrations.