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 Access to Sfex space- social forum extended

see similar space in mexico     in french speaking area   and  Space in  Palestine

 21 distance encounters during WEF palestine ! see status here


Preparation for WEF is going on , and hence also for expanded activities outside Palestine

On October 28 to 31, you are invited to participate in the World Education Forum in Palestine! in Palestine,  and also from where you live ....

  Imagen-WEF.png  expanded-wef-logo2.jpg

WEF-Palestine is an expanded event that welcome distance participation

your organisation is invited invitation   to exchange about its possible expanded activities with other organizations participating in WSF process

  • if your organisation thinks of sending people to palestine all the better! Having them over there will be a great support for distance participation
  • if you have no one on site in palestine, and want to participate, you will be interested to know what others prepare, and exchage with them, this space is for you

So you are welcome to go to our list page and subscribe

  •   list of wef site users

    • for inter-personal contacts between users in the wef-palestine.org site ( 3 contacts per hour are allowed) (you need to be logged in wef site to make the contact with the url http://wef-palestine.org/user/xx   if you see see that user xx may have common interests with you)

  • List of organizations

    • this is a big part of the user list  above

  • List of self organized activities     and   zoom on english speaking expanded activities

    • 30% of activities are "expanded" ( you see them in more detail if you are logged in wef site )
  • WEFexpanded view of program build up , showing expanded activities, cultural activities , palestine activities by site and with  useful "expanded" characteristics such as

    • for expanded activities : the day of the activity, its format  ( local , local with moment of connection, distance encounter, distance participation to another activity  - also a link to the page of the mutual info space correspnding to the language of activity )
    • for palestine activities , the day and place , and its intention to have live  intercommunication with others groups, or extend itself on internet
    • contact  wef expanded team to get support in creating your live interlink with other groups and live broadcast of your activity
  • Schedule of distance intercomunication moments  and rooms in Palestine 

    Practical Indications

     march-wef-3.JPG    march-wef-2.JPG

    This extension allowed distance participation - the pictures are snapshots of the video stream of the meeting  , and is one of the three main modalities for expanded activities

    • Hours of video march sem video ( written transcription not done but would be useful) 
    • log of what was said and exchanged in distance participation chat room  on first march sem log1 and second day  march sem log2