• sasfbd extended enlargement technical info

last modified October 28, 2011 by facilitfsm

invitation to your networks

wip list of enlarged activities

simulaiton for room allocation

steps for enlargement

Tecnical info about websites used for extension

SASF extension team is proposing to use those free of charge commercial sites


  • skype.com  for written chat , for audio calls ( between 2 or up to 10 )  , for video calls ( one to one)

see the documentaiton here

main operation as remote participant

ask contact with the public skype user   organization x.extension

type text inputs

main operations as enlarger person 

sasf extension team creates a public  account for you  "organization.extension" for enlargers

accept people as contact

as a chat liaising person  include people (among your contacts)  in  a chat room ( they can go out by themselves)

main operation as distance encounter

contact the counterpart and engage in video chat call with him/her


ustream.tv  or livestream.com  for video streaming 

main operation as a viewer  ( remote participant)  

you do not need  to have an account  

refresh the page if/when the video stops , (there will be advertisements of 15 seconds at the start ad refresh of the channels )

check that you have not several windows opened ( several echo sound effect)

main operation as a broadcaster  (enlarger )

sasf extension team creates a public  account for you  "organization.extension"

see indications here for  broadcasting in ustream ( livestream is similar )

it is good to check the quality of what you broadcast i a second receiver computer


check which microphone and webcam are considered

you can try to plug in the external microphone input the public adress system ouput