• wsf2012 support with main events

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logofsm2010.jpg ENGLISH wsf2012 working group is acting in relation with organizers of  main events in 2012

-fsmmagrheb  in july 2012, then wsf2013 in order to foster cooperation for a really wordly organized event

-various OE space discussion can take place  on theme such as

- organising an  extended organizing commitee,

- extension of wsf 2013   with participation from over the world, 

-  site web site for the event 

- aglutinaton of participant organisations

- final moments of wsf2013

-forum of forum in galicia since OE spaces   can be one of preparation spaces for  this forum of forums 

voir le  it can be suggested to  people active  in OE thematic spaces  to organize seminar/activities in foro de forum in Galicia on their topic , with  remote participation 

see organizing process of the group