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Hello everyone on the extension working group  mailing list 

First meeting of the team/working group  yesterday 8th september  has been longer than expected, and productive

Following suggestions of Aaman and Prodip ( agenda 7 )  You will find here the revised "transcript with titles" of our meeting  with seven chapters in the transcripts

The CLICKABLE INDEX allow to access directly any title of the index 



Agenda 1 – brief on SASF extended and type of extended activities. 3

Agenda 2 Forms  on line of possible by next Saturday -. 12

Agenda 3 : Open Call for Member inclusion in extended working group!. 13

Agenda 4 -meeting schedule : Meeting every Thursday 23pm Dhaka. 14

Agenda 5 - Mobilization communication for extension and other emerging issues. 15

Agenda 6 – During the event. 17

Agenda 7 Conclusion. 17

Note : Chapter 5 mobilization and 6 event time operation were not on the agenda, were not object of decision , have been added looking a many titles who appeared in the course of discussion - these part will help  list of open items to discuss in next meetings

VERY SHORT TERM TASKS  identifiable in this first meeting are

- for tomorrow (!)  finalizing the REGISTRATION FORMS based on proposals here, based on our discussion in agenda point 1   (see specific message in the team mailing list )


- for next week meeting  preparing an extended participation INVITATION MESSAGE version 2 in the name of sasf OC  (after the version 1 circulated august 5th )


- Ciculating info about our meeting  to more people ( starting with those in the extended discussion mailing list,

Best regards




- getting  to WORK TOGETHER ON LINE  with the different tools we have

  •  the mailing lists ( we have three for the time being )


·         one private for broad discussion  ( working group )

·         one private for focused tasks ( team)

·         one public discussion  for interaction with declared or possible  future extended activity organizers  -  already with people form Japan ( first distance encounter declared)   Germany  Turkey Zambia, Senegal,  Tunisia, Palestine , Mexico

  • the skype chat room, 

- developing relationships and efficient understanding with OTHER WORKING GROUPS ( program  working group , moibiliation working group, website group,  ( agenda 3 5 6 )

-OUTREACHING for more contributive participation in the team/working group ( agenda 3)

-OUTREACHING   for first declarations of extended activities  and remotely participating participants/organizations in the website ( agenda 5)

- PARTICIPATING REMOTELY IN OTHER EVENTS to see how it feels to be "remote"  ( agenda 1)

( in particular , MSF   on sept 22nd 23rd http://openfsm.net/projects/msf-extended/project-home - contact  skype msf.extension

and  Taiwan conferences  on september 21st  http://openfsm.net/projects/taiwan-sf-extended/project-home  -contact skype ivp.extension



input on registration forms ( done last saturday)

Hello Polash,  hello in the team


This message is focused on the registration forms  that we have to finalize asap as per our discussions tursday ( Agenda 2)


 looking forward to questions feedbacks ....... and link to wip forms  for feedback and test !


1. about the http://www.wsfsouthasiabd.org/  home page ,

 i pledge that in the home page a text explaining the venue particiaption and extended participation ( as the one in the suggested page here in salmon color



 2 /  some general  considerations  directed to Polash, about the registration system  s -

 Answers or comments most welcome - the general idea is that form are not administrative registraion item , but rather annoucement into a participatory context to foster pre event interaction between participants



3 regarding the details in the forms,

The proposals, accessible from the website suggestion page above are hopefully self explanatory , but please forward any doubt or question -



4/ testing the existing form  http://www.wsfsouthasiabd.org/registration/individualregistration

In individual registration the list fields profssion and country  : the list are skipping many cases

There is only one mail contact for an organization , this make things very one person dependent ( see point 7 and 8  of the considerations  )

Adding  a link field  under the large descrption text box  - see point 10 of the consideations


5/ testing the existing form  http://www.wsfsouthasiabd.org/registration/event-registration-form-test-

The country list is incomplete

Should be more email 3 to allow more spread of information (see point 7 and 8  of the considerations

 Adding  a link field  under the large descrption text box  - see point 10 of the considerations


6 on all forms it would be good to have a  yes /  no feld about the acceptance of wsf charter of principles  -

 This is a practice highly recommended by the guiding pricniples for organziing a wsf event
"All the organizations and networks that register for the WSF event have to accept their adherence to the Charter of Principles."